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Entryway or Genkan of a residence in Japan, viewed from outside looking in.

An entryway is a hall that is generally located at the front entrance of a house. An entryway often has a coat closet, and usually has linoleum or tile flooring rather than carpet, making it an easy-to-clean transition space between the outdoor and indoor areas. Many houses do not have an entryway; in these the front door leads to a foyer, or directly into the living room or some other room in the house.

Many suburban American homes have a "rear entrance" that sits at the back or the rear side of the home. These secondary entryways are intended as an area to remove and store footwear, outerwear, and wet clothing before entering the main house. Traditionally the rear entry will lead to the kitchen, garage, or laundry room. Modern-American homes typically combine the hall and laundry room, creating a "mudroom".

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