Wikipedia:Wikipedia is for readers

Once upon a time, the first pillar of Wikipedia read Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written for the benefit of its readers. [1]

But for the benefit of its readers was removed without discussion some years ago, and there is some resistance to putting it back.

Why people want it as a principle[edit]

  • It's helpful to new and old editors alike
  • It's self-evident and uncontroversial

Why people don't want it in 5P1[edit]

  • The fact that it's been gone for so long without discussion indicates consensus to remove it
  • It's off-topic for 5P1
  • It's self-evident so it doesn't belong in any policy
  • It will just lead to trouble
  • It's no help to anyone

See wt:Wikipedia is for readers#Why people don't want it in 5P1.

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