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WikiProject Years is a project dedicated to improving all year-related articles on Wikipedia. We cover all year, decade, century, and millennia articles and their subarticles. Our scope is incredibly large, so we rely a lot on automated bots to do more tedious tasks.

Scope Scope[edit]

This WikiProject's first aim was primarily to formalize the unofficial standard used for creating year pages. A standard was created and then transferred to Wikipedia:Timeline standards. The project still conceivably has responsibility for maintaining/improving that standard. The project currently oversees all year articles, (e.g. 1345, 2008), decade articles, century articles, and millennia articles, as well as their sub-articles (e.g. 2008 in sports).

Related projects[edit]

The parent of this WikiProject is the WikiProject Time.

To do[edit]

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The collaboration of the week is 1929

  1. Resolve policy questions (such as WP:RY)
  2. Fix templates
  3. Improve 1929 and 1340s

Assessment and review[edit]

Year articles may be assessed through the content assessment system. Year articles may be prose articles or they may be stand-alone lists. Assessments are recorded in the WikiProject Years banner that is found on the talk page of every year article.

Current status[edit]


Inactive Participants[edit]

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  • {{WikiProject Years}} – This template should be applied to every talk page in the scope of WikiProject Years. Rater can be used to more efficiently edit WikiProject banners such as this one.
  • {{Births and deaths ToC}} – This template may be used in long birth or death sections on year articles.
  • {{Year-stub}} – This template may be placed at the bottom of year articles that need expansion.

User templates[edit]

  • {{User WP Years}} – Users may apply this template to their user page to acknowledge their participation in this project.
  • {{WPYears-invite}} – This template may be left on the talk page of anyone that may be interested in WikiProject Years.

Navigation templates[edit]

The applicable navigation template should be applied to all WikiProject Years articles:

The correct year in topic template should be used below the navigation template for year articles:

Subarticles may have additional navigation templates for their respective topics.

Example year[edit]

A year article will generally follow this format:

  • Short description: The short description should be the first item on a year article. Formatting templates, such as dmy/mdy dates or American/British English may also be placed here.
  • Lead: For general year articles, the lead will describe basic information about the year, such as the day it starts on and the century in which it took place. For subpages on specific topics, the lead should describe major events and trends in this topic on that particular year. For example, 2021 in the United States briefly describes the major political and social events of the United States in 2021 as well as other defining aspects.
  • Table of contents: In some cases, a horizontal table of contents, a limited table of contents, or no table of contents may be appropriate. Otherwise, the table of contents should be left in its default position.
  • General information: Sections that present general information that persist throughout the year should go above all other sections. This may include Ongoing Events or Incumbents.
  • Events: This should be the largest section of the article. A list of notable events should be displayed in chronological order with subheadings dividing each month. All events should be accompanied by a citation. The most significant events may be accompanied by an image when one is available.
  • Births: A list of all notable people born in that year, listed chronologically by date of birth. For subpages on specific topics, this should list births relevant to that topic. All births should be accompanied by a citation. If this section is long, it may benefit from a births and deaths table of contents. The most notable individuals in this list may be accompanied by a portrait when one is available.
  • Deaths: A list of all notable people that died in that year, listed chronologically by date of death. For subpages on specific topics, this should list deaths relevant to that topic. All deaths should be accompanied by a citation. If this section is long, it may benefit from a births and deaths table of contents. The most notable individuals in this list may be accompanied by a portrait when one is available.
  • See also: A list of related articles that are not otherwise linked to in the article.
  • References: A reflist containing all references used in the article.
  • Categories: Relevant categories. All articles should be placed in their appropriate year category (i.e. Category:1900 for 1900). Subpages will have additional relevant categories.

For further examples, preview other articles for a given year or topic.

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