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The Women's National Basketball Association task force is a task force that was started on June 13, 2009 with a mission of better organizing the English Wikipedia's coverage of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). If you are interested in contributing or helping the project, you can add your name here. You can leave any ideas, comments, or suggestions on the talk page.

Divisions Scope[edit]

This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to the WNBA. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on the WNBA in an accurate manner. Any questions can be asked via our talk page. Any article related to past or present players, coaches, team management and ownership, broadcasters, team seasons, playoff or the WNBA Finals. Basically, any article related to the WNBA is in the scope of this task force.


  • To maintain all WNBA articles
  • To improve the quality of each and every WNBA article.
  • To bring as much content about the WNBA to featured status.
  • To add {{WikiProject National Basketball Association|WNBA-task-force=yes|WNBA-importance=}} to every WNBA-related article.
  • Feel free to add your own!


  1. -- [[SRE.K.A.L.|L.A.K.ERS]][c], creator.
  2. -- Abontorab99 (talk)
  3. Chris! ct
  4. -- MR.Texan281 (talk)
  5. -- Marlinite (talk)
  6. -- Izaiah.morris (talk)
  7. -- SusanLesch (talk)
  8. -- Calienteramen (talk)

Featured content[edit]

There are currently none.


{{User WNBA Project}} will produce this:

WikiProject WNBA.pngThis user is a member of the WNBA task force.


When assessing: {{WikiProject National Basketball Association}}

{{WikiProject National Basketball Association
 |WNBA-task-force  = yes
 |class            = 
 |importance       = 
 |WNBA-importance  = 
 |imageneeded      = 
 |noref            =
WNBA-task-force - always should be marked "yes"
Class - "FA, FL, GA, A, B, C, or Start"
importance - "top, high, mid, or low" priority
WNBA-importance - "top, high, mid, or low" priority for the WNBA task-force
imageneeded - mark "yes" to tag the article with a request for an image
noref - mark "yes" to tag the article with no or little references