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WikiProject Africa Protected areas task force
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This WikiProject is about the protected areas of Africa
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Welcome to the African Protected areas task force, a task force shared between WikiProject Africa and WikiProject Protected areas! This taskforce involves a group of editors dedicated to improving coverage of articles on national parks and protected areas and reserves within the continent of Africa.

Goals and tasks[edit]

  • Create templates for the protected areas of each African country.
  • Create articles for every protected area in Africa.
  • Expand all articles beyond a stub class
  • Build a detailed set of lists with an encyclopedic summary by country which aim to serve as a guide to National Parks and Reserves within them
  • Develop Kruger National Park to FA status and any others.

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To tag articles for this project, please add the template as documented below, adding "parea=yes" {{WikiProject Africa|parea=yes}} to the Africa template to tag articles for this task force and for whatever country it is in:

{{WikiProject Africa 
|class = 
|importance = 
|country = yes        <!-- replace "country" with the name of the appropriate country -->
|country-importance = <!-- replace "country" with the name of the appropriate country -->
|parea = yes 
|parea-importance = 


For those who participate in this project please place {{User African Protected Areas}} on your user page.

It should produce the following:

Giraffe standing.jpgThis user is a member of the
WikiProject Africa Protected areas task force.


The following templates in total should contain the entire scope of this project:

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