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Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey
Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey cover image.jpg
Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey
GenreFamily drama
Created byJD Majethia
Aatish Kapadia
Directed byAatish Kapadia
Sameer Kulkarni
StarringSumeet Raghavan
Pariva Pranati
Anjan Srivastav
Bharati Achrekar
Chinmayee Salvi
Sheehan Kapahi
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of episodes171
ProducersJamnadas Majethia
Aatish Kapadia
CinematographyVijay Soni
Rishi Mudrale
Jitendra Mishra
EditorsAshok Rathore
Ajay A Kumar
Atul Singh
Running time22-30 mins
Production companyHats Off Productions Limited
DistributorSony Pictures Networks India
Original networkSony SAB
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release8 February 2021 (2021-02-08) –
Preceded byWagle Ki Duniya
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Wagle Ki Duniya
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Wagle Ki Duniya - Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey[1] (literally: 'Wagle's World - New Generation New Stories') is an Indian sitcom that premiered on 8 February 2021 on Sony SAB.[2] It is based on characters created by noted cartoonist, R. K. Laxman, especially the common man about the issues of common middle-class Indian man. It stars Sumeet Raghavan as a manager in a courier company named P2P Max courier, Rajesh Wagle; Pariva Pranati as his wife, Vandana Wagle.[3][4]


The show is set around the daily struggles, of courier company manager, Rajesh Srinivas Wagle, who lives with prudence of a middle class person of the time. The show presents the everyday struggles of the people from three generations and multiple families from their own perspectives. Yet, there is something to learn from each episode. Each episode follows a different story which starts and ends with a narration. Sometimes, the stories can be of two to three episodes.



  • Sumeet Raghavan as Rajesh Wagle a.k.a. Raju/Raj/Rajesh Babu: A middle-class manager of a courier service company, Vandana's husband, Sakhi and Atharva's father, Srinivas and Radhika's son, Manoj's younger brother, Balkrishna's nephew, cousin of 5 (Prabhakar, Keshav, Amol, Vibha and Abhishek), Harshad's good friend and Dakshesh' friendly rival. He loves his family and wants to hold the family together. He often gets weird daydreams. When he gets indecisive, he asks the person whoever is standing with him to choose one of his fingers as an option. He always explains things practically with examples. He always tries to solve things without fighting and always helps others. He is an honest man. His maternal uncle Anna was against his marriage as he wanted him to marry a Marathi girl but Rajesh rejected that proposal and married Vandana (from Bihar). However, Anna tied bonds with him again after considering Vandana as a perfect wife. (2021–present)
  • Pariva Pranati as Vandana Wagle (née Sinha): Rajesh's wife, Sakhi and Atharva's mother, Srinivas and Radhika's daughter-in-law, Manoj's sister-in-law, Jyoti and Yamini's neighbour and friend. Balkrishna's niece-in-law and Deviprasad's daughter. She is pretty. She is a housewife. She deals with each and every problem calmly and is kind-hearted but sometimes loses her temper at her son, Atharva, when he troubles her but loves him a lot. She wanted to be a chef but couldn't pursue it because of her duties towards her family. She is an orphan and she was raised by her uncle and aunt. She always confuses Rajesh by saying "Yes/Haan/Ok" to his opinions. (2021–present)
  • Anjan Srivastav as Srinivas Wagle: Radhika's husband, Rajesh and Manoj's father, Vandana's father-in-law, and Sakhi and Atharva's grandfather and Balkrishna's brother-in-law. His fondness toward his old things irritates his wife, Radhika. He sometimes asks silly questions to Radhika and Vandana. He often compares Borivali to his beloved hometown Dadar. He has a catchphrase "Radhika....see the fun". He is generous, kind and helpful. He had a tiff with Balkrishna, as he opposed Rajesh's love marriage but now things are sorted. (2021–present)
  • Bharati Achrekar as Radhika Wagle (née Gokhale) a.k.a. Radhu/ Chhakuli: Balkrishna's sister, Srinivas' wife, Rajesh and Manoj's mother, Vandana's mother-in-law, and Sakhi and Atharva's grandmother, Aunt of Prabhakar, Keshav, Amol, Vibhavari, Abhishek. She is fed up with her husband's love for his old possessions but loves him nonetheless. She wanted to be a soap opera actress in her childhood, but her father did not give her permission. Shrinivas didn't let Radhika to meet her brother Anna, because of his 18 year long quarrel with him, but now the things are sorted. (2021–present)
  • Chinmayee Salvi as Sakhi Wagle a.k.a. Sak: Rajesh and Vandana's daughter, Atharva's elder sister, Srinavas and Radhika's granddaughter, Balkrishna's grandniece. Manoj's niece and Gungun's best friend. She is kind, intelligent and responsible. She is named after Rajesh's school-time crush Madhura Joshi, whom he fondly called "Sakhi". She sometimes gets bad influence by her classmate Anvita. Rajesh, being an overprotective father, suspects that she has a crush on her friend Vivaan. (2021-present)
  • Sheehan Kapahi as Atharva Wagle: Rajesh and Vandana's son, Sakhi's younger brother, Srinavas and Radhika's grandson, Balkrishna's grandnephew. Manoj's nephew and Vidyut's sworn brother and best friend. He is an mischievous yet intelligent boy. He is the family's troublemaker and often draws unwanted conclusions from elder's teachings. He often thinks that his parents love Sakhi more than him which is why they don't fulfill his demands. (2021-present)


  • Deepak Pareek as Advocate Dakshesh Joshipura a.k.a Dakku Bhai/Dak/Joshipure/Purajoshi: the stubborn secretary of Sai Darshan Heights Society (where the Wagles and the Agarwals live). He is an advocate. Yamini's husband and Naivedya's brother-in-law. He and his family are Gujratis. He annoys everyone due to his pedantic nature. If anyone disobeys society rules, he says, "Rules Matlab Rules, Follow Na Kare Te Fools." He has a love-hate relationship with Rajesh and their neighbour Harshad. Dakshesh' dialogue was changed by his wife Yamini as "Rules Matlab Rules, Follow Na Kare Te Fools, Fools Go Back To Schools!" He speaks weird tongue twisters and sometimes says too formal Hindi words that are often not understood by people. He loves his wife 'Yamini' a lot and is the only one who approves of her weird poems. (2021–present)
  • Mansi Joshi as Dr. Yamini Joshipura (née Mehta) a.k.a. Yam/Yami: Dakshesh' wife and Naivedya's elder sister (the owner of Treat Resort situated in Silvassa). She is a theatre artist. She often says boring and irritating dialogues of Hindi and Gujarati plays, which no one except Dakshesh likes. Yamini often regrets that she does not have children like Rajesh and Vandana. (2021–present)
  • Amit Soni as Harshad Aggarwal: one of the Wagles' neighbours, Rajesh's good friend, Dakshesh' friendly rival, Jyoti's husband, Gungun and Vidyut's father. He invests in the share market. He often talks while eating mouth fresheners which no one except Jyoti understands. He often fights with Dakshesh and calls him a 'Jhaalar'. He is helpful but a little arrogant about his money. The Agarwal family are Marwaris. He often bosses his wife Jyoti because he thinks men are better than women. (2021-present)
  • Bhakti Chauhan as Jyoti Aggarwal (née Gupta) : Bankelal's daughter, Harshad's wife, Gungun and Vidyut's mother. She always translates what Harshad is saying, whenever he is eating mouth fresheners (because whatever he speaks while eating mouth fresheners sounds like mumbling, which no one except Jyoti can understand). She is helpful and often shows off her and her family members' luxury. She is Vandana's friend. She is innocent and her husband often forces her to obey all his orders as he thinks that men are superior to women. She always keeps her purse full of unusual objects. She pampers her son Vidyut a lot and says ' Wah mere lal' while praising him. Her English doesn't make sense as she uses words that sound same as to what they should be but have a completely different meaning and when she makes these mistakes, she will always say 'Haan haan, same to same'. (2021–present)
  • Suryakant Govale as Chandu Parab: a staff member in Rajesh's courier office, who always helps him. People are annoyed listening to his English. (2021–present)
  • Nayan Shukla as Sandeep Dasani: a staff member in Rajesh's courier office. He is lazy towards his office work. He always thinks about food. He always eats food from everyone's tiffin and makes weird kissing noise through his lips. He is cunning, selfish yet funny person who is jealous of Rajesh and always tries to cause trouble in office. Also takes credit for the work which is done by others.(2021–present)
  • Mukesh Choudhary as Puneet: a staff member in Rajesh's courier office who has a crush on a staff girl Isha. (2021–present)
  • Kervi as Isha: a staff member in Rajesh's courier office. She is in love with Puneet. Isha mostly ignores the love signals sent by Puneet in the public. (2021–present)
  • Urmila Katkar as Asha: Sai Darshan Heights Society's maid and Komal's mother. She has an extremely gossipy tongue. Rajesh often mistakes her as Vandana and often addresses her as 'Vandurani' (which he uses for Vandana) to which she replies 'Vandurani nahi, Asha Rani.' (2021–present)
  • Satyavrat Mudgal as Tiwari: Sai Darshan Height Society's watchman to whom Dakshesh scolds even for small issues. (2021–present)
  • Hitanshu Nagia as Vidyut Aggarwal: Harshad and Jyoti's son, Gungun's younger brother, Atharva's sworn brother and best friend. He, just like his mother, loves to show off his luxury, and often makes fun of Atharva about the punishments he gets for causing trouble or pranking. Like Atharva, he also wants to build 6 pack abs. He is a fan of Tiger Shroff. (2021–present)
  • Charmi Dhami as Gungun Aggarwal (2021 in Ep 9)
    • Prapti Shukla replaced Dhami as Gungun Aggarwal: Jyoti and Harshad's daughter, Vidyut's elder sister and Sakhi's friend. She is a helpful girl but sometimes gets influenced by her friend circle. (2021–present)
  • Namit Shah as Vivaan: Sakhi's college friend and Anvita's boyfriend. He is a NRI. Along with Atharva and some other boys, he is a member of BBB (Boriwali Bad Boys).Rajesh suspects him to be Sakhi's boyfriend, which he is not but Sakhi Likes Him. (2021–present)
  • Riya Soni as Anvita: Vivaan's girlfriend and Sakhi's college friend. She always wants to seek Vivaan's attention and is insecure about his friendship with Sakhi. (2021–present)
  • Anju Jadhav as Kiara Tejwani: daughter of Tejwani Sir (company's owner). She is the new CEO of P2P Max courier service company. She is cold-hearted and gets angry quickly but is very smart. She understands the employees' problems, but sometimes get a bit cranky if Rajesh asks leaves constantly. (2021–present)
  • Vinayak Ketkar as Manish Marfatia: hotel manager of Treat Resort, situated in Silvassa. He always says "I know, I know.", even when he doesn't know anything. He is an honest man. He loves Moonmoon. He later resigns as the resort manager and joined P2P Max Courier Service Company as Treat Resort doesn't allow couples to work together. He is the youngest child of his parents. (2021–present)
  • Khushali Jariwala as Moonmoon Chatterjee: catering Manager at Treat Resort. She gives the leftover food to poor people. She is often accused of theft by Dakshesh. She loves Mr Marfatia. (2021-present)
  • Prabhakar Sinha as Arjun Swaroop: hotel staff and junior to Marfatia at Treat Resort. He is also an honest man. (2021)
  • Suhail Iqbal as Tejwani Sir: Rajesh's boss and Kiara's father. He is the previous owner of P2P Max courier service company but is now retired. He is a divorcee. The company is now run by his daughter Kiara. (2021)

Guest appearance[edit]

  • Karan Grover as Arnav Sachdev. He starred with Vandana and Radhika in an advertisement. (2021)
  • Payal Sharma as Niyati: director of Dishwasher's ad for which she selected Radhika and Vandana. (2021)
  • Devendra Mishra as Inspector Tripathi. (2021)
  • Simran Khanna as Monica Palekar (Sukanya Palekar): Rajesh's childhood friend and Sudhir's daughter who was a fat girl but changed herself completely after Rajesh once commented on her. (2021)
  • Vinay Yedekar as Ashwin Chitre: Rajesh's best friend who established a business in Dubai. (2021)
  • Ojas Rawal as Naivedya Mehta: Yamini's younger brother and Dakshesh's brother-in-law. He is the owner of Treat Resort, situated in Silvassa. He makes fun of Dakshesh and all the Sai Darshan Heights Residents. He only cares about his sister and the one who gives him money. He calls Dakshesh as 'Mendakshesh'. (2021)
  • Kalpesh Chauhan as Gulaab Das Rawal. He, too, is an owner of Treat Resort. He is a middle class businessman. He demanded 300 crores from Wagles. (2021)
  • Manas Shah as Randeep Walia: popular TV actor and Dr. Priya Ahuja's younger brother who came to Treat Resort for shooting. His sister was a look-alike of Sakhi. His sister died due to COVID-19. He is playing the role of Aditi's (played by Yamini) brother-in-law in one of his serials. (2021)
  • Amita Khopkar as Dr. Priya Ahuja and Randeep Walia's mother. (2021)
  • Deven Bhojani as Balkrishna "Anna" Gokhale: Radhika's elder brother who fought with Srinivas for 18 years. He wanted Rajesh to marry a Maharashtrian girl and was against the love marriage of Rajesh and Vandana and accidentally taunted him for the same. Srinivas broke his relationship with him. But later, Anna realises that Vandana is a perfect wife and more than that now a dedicated Maharashtrian housewife. He ties his bonds with Srinivas again and thus, the things get sorted. (2021)
  • Nimisha Vakharia as Rekha Gondhalekar. Radhika's old maid. She got a lottery of 5 crore, and became immensely rich after leaving from Radhika's place. Even though Rekha's family persuade her to forget that she was a maid one time,but she does not agree.(2021)

Guest Stars for the Big Shanivaar


The show is produced by Jamnadas Majethia and Aatish Kapadia of Hats Off Productions. The show was first teased featuring Sumeet Raghavan on Sony SAB's official YouTube channel on 5 December 2020.[5][6] The show has been given a special COVID-19 touch.[7]

The shooting of the show was halted in April 2021 after 8 people reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Fresh episodes started airing on 26 April, with episodes being shot in Silvassa. Towards the end of June, shooting restarted in Mumbai.[8]


Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey has episodic stories based on the everyday struggles, of nervous courier company manager, Rajesh Wagle, who lives with the prudence of a low-class person of the time.


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