Valencian Gothic

Detail of the Llotja de la Seda, Valencia.
Torres de Serranos, in Valencia
The Basilica of Santa Maria in Alicante.
Main façade of the Segorbe Cathedral.
Convento de Santo Domingo, in Valencia.

Valencian Gothic is an architectural style. It occurred under the Kingdom of Valencia between the 13th and 15th centuries, which places it at the end of the European Gothic period and at the beginning of the Renaissance. The term "Valencian Gothic" is confined to the Kingdom of Valencia and its area of influence, which has its own characteristics.


The common characteristics of the Valencian Gothic are the following:

  • Development of the architecture by techniques already used in Roman architecture and of the Mediterranean countries. On these lines, the Kingdom of Valencia was influenced by arriving from France.
  • Clear predominance of the architecture of the cultures of the Mediterranean countries respect of the influence of the French Gothic.
  • The architectural proportions do not change with the arrival of the Renaissance.
  • Divergence with the classic Gothic style.
  • Clear influence of Flamboyant Gothic, which confers uniqueness.
  • Cladding and concealment during the 17th to 19th centuries of the Valencian Gothic by newer styles such as the Baroque or the Neoclassical, so today much of the Valencian Gothic remains hidden.
  • Little impact of Mudéjar architecture, but in spite of this, there are interesting examples of Mudéjar architecture in the Valencian Community, that given the occasional use, are of great singularity.


The most important valencian architects of the Valencian Gothic style are: Pere Compte, Francesc Baldomar, Pere Balaguer, Andreu Julià, etc.

Religious building examples[edit]

Province of Alicante
Province of Castellón
Province of Valencia

Civil buildings[edit]

The most important buildings of the Valencian civil Gothic style are:

Province of Alicante
Province of Castellón
Province of Valencia

Blending Valencian Gothic with Mudéjar[edit]

Province of Castellón
Province of Valencia


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