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  • Regarding political economy:
    • Welcome to reality.
    • Reality is a mixture of things.
      • Corollary: purist ideologies (left, right, or extraspectrum) are incomplete models of reality, and thus, in isolation, what they get wrong will eventually come to outweigh what they get right (once the externality concentrations on either side of the membrane shift to where the outward pumping is fighting too large an incoming tide). But start mashing them up, borrowing the good parts and discarding the bad, and now you're starting to get somewhere. Hint: the invisible hand by itself is an animal. It doesn't necessarily care who it bites, or how bad. But it's our animal, and it turns out that we can't live right without it. The trick is that we have to keep it under rein as our servant. We can't just cut it loose and let it make us its dinner. Wolf, or guide dog? Canine either way, but the devil is in the parameter values.
    • The latest iteration of the version that brought the pieces together. The ideas will be out there when the world is ready for them. The final two paragraphs before the refs put things into context (even though the early version of them did contain one conflation that has since been deconflated). As with many arguments in life, it eventually comes down to "you're both half right".
      • Those with grown-up attention spans will also want to read one of its references, this book, which explains in detail the reasoning behind the "past performance is no guarantee of future results" point of view.
      • You don't have to agree with Ford or with anyone else. The important thing is just to hear them out fully, and then do your own thinking.
      • What's interesting to me is that some of the new-market engineering ideas are ways to counteract economic stagnation or decline that are actually implementable starting from current reality (not just pipe dreams), whereas most other ideas that we've heard on that topic have tended to be more or less impractical to implement.
    • Where I'm at with it, 7 years later.

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I knew I was in love with Wikipedia forever when …[edit]

… I clicked through to "Abstraction" and read the hatnote

"This article is about the concept of abstraction in general."

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