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Welcome to my User Page

I'm a British early-retired librarian living in Silverdale, Lancashire, having moved here from Leeds to look after my late Mother. I have a range of interests and a tendency to proof-read and correct typos! I spend a lot of Wiki-time Stub-sorting, and sometimes start by correcting one link and end up improving a network of related pages. I've worked with Category:Disambiguation pages in need of cleanup, WP:Suggestions for disambiguation repair, WP:typo and WP:CiterSquad at various times. I've created a motley collection of articles or stubs, to fill gaps: some sparked off by a red link, others when I look up a topic of interest and find it's not yet got an article. I contribute to the Women in Red editathons, picking one or two topics which look interesting, or are UK based, or if all else fails have the initial "P": it's a challenge to produce new articles on topics in fields where I don't usually edit. After a superb walk up Black Combe, April 2012, I decided to sort out the WP articles for the Outlying fells, which turned into quite a project. When I attended a meeting in Preston Patrick I found that it, and many other South Lakeland parishes, had no article - so I made them, and might move on to the other districts of Cumbria. Wikipedia has the fascination of an infinite jigsaw puzzle - there's always another piece to fit in.

Yes, I know the page looks a bit of a mess at present - will learn about layout sometime and prettify it!

Articles, templates and stubs I've created

Not including umpteen disambiguation pages created while working on Wikipedia:Suggestions for name disambiguation and otherwise, surname pages created as a list of name-holders, a few articles where I've created a "non-infringing stub" to rescue a copyvio article's non-creative elements and its incoming redirects, lots of redirects, etc


Total articles created in previous years (2007-2020): 782.
(Not counting a lot of disambiguation pages, surname pages, and many, many, redirects)


91 articles


83 articles


82 articles


83 articles


104 articles


45 articles


51 articles


38 articles


74 articles (includes major project on Wainwright's Outlying Fells)


18 articles


14 articles


22 articles


44 articles


33 articles

GA Good Articles I've worked on

Ongoing projects

Early milestones

first steps in Wikipedia

Did You Know contributions