This Week in Startups

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This Week in Startups
Hosted byJason Calacanis

This Week in Startups is a weekly podcast created and hosted by American internet entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis.[1] The Wall Street Journal contributor Cecilie Rohwedder described the podcast as "an influential Web series filmed in the U.S."[2]


Plans for the podcast were announced on March 16, 2009 through a blog post. The 60-minute program premiered on May 1, 2009 featuring Brian Alvey, CEO and founder of the content management and hosting system Crowd Fusion, as its first guest. The show is one of the longest running podcasts on the topic of startups and angel investing.[3]


This Week in Startups was listed in an article at titled "The Ultimate Guide to the Best Business Podcasts".[4]


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