Tare Munzara

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Tare Munzara
Tare Munzara and Miss Heritage Mexico.jpg
EducationLLB Law Oxford Brookes University
OccupationEntrepreneur ,Speaker & Nation Branding Expert
Years active2011-Present
Notable work
Founder Miss Heritage
  • Voice of Achievers Awards :Best Cultural Promotion in Africa 2015

Tare Munzara, born march 18 1989, is an international entrepreneur,[1] motivational writer,[2] speaker[3] & expert on country and nation branding[4] serving as the Founder & Group Chief Executive for Destination Marketing International[5] a Global Firm that works with world Governments. He is also the[6] Founder and Former President for the world renowned international[7] beauty pageant, Miss Heritage[8] which is a global brand franchised in over 75 countries.[9] in 2016 he was listed as one of the Top 100 most influential[10] and powerful youths of Zimbabwe.[11] In 2021 again was named number 48[12] on the most influential young Zimbabweans under 40 years old.[1]


Studied a Law Degree at KDU College Malaysia doing a twinning program with Oxford Brookes University in 2009 but before that during his sixth form he was an Honorable Junior Councilor for Harare City Junior Council.[13] Later established a modelling agency in 2011 and then ventured into international pageantry where he created the International Beauty Pageant Miss Heritage,[14] which he used as a tool for Nation Branding, Destination Marketing and Tourism Marketing. Miss Heritage became a resounding success after it struggled during its first launch in 2013 but he managed to make it one of the world's biggest events and franchise.[15] in 2018 he then went into strictly specializing in Country Branding and Nation Branding and Promotion through a company he founded called Destination Marketing International [16]

International Modelling Business Career[edit]

February 2012, he[17] Authored and founded[18] an international pageant called Miss Heritage during a visit at a world heritage site, Victoria Falls. Miss Heritage pageant was first hosted in Harare Zimbabwe on the 13th of December, where Shequera Grace King from Bahamas was Crowned. Miss Heritage is the only black/African oweded international pageant with a participation from 72 countries.[19]


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