Station Front Metro Mall

Station Front Metro Mall
Station Front Metro Mall 2015.jpg
LocationNo. 50-1, Section 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°02′51″N 121°30′54″E / 25.047422561659523°N 121.51487445442925°E / 25.047422561659523; 121.51487445442925Coordinates: 25°02′51″N 121°30′54″E / 25.047422561659523°N 121.51487445442925°E / 25.047422561659523; 121.51487445442925
Opening dateMarch 15, 2004
Total retail floor area9,220 m2 (99,200 sq ft)
Public transit accessTaipei Main Station

Station Front Metro Mall (Chinese: 站前地下街; pinyin: Zhànqián Dìxiàjiē) is an underground shopping center located in Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan. It is located directly underneath Zhongxiao West Road and is connected with Taipei Main Station.[1][2]


  • October 1992: Taipei City Government decided to demolish the Chunghwa Market (中華商場 Zhōnghuá Shāngchǎng).
  • Station Front Metro Mall officially started operation on March 15, 2004, allowing 254 tenants of the original Chunghwa Market to open for business there..[3]


The total length of the underground mall is 343 m (1,125 ft), with 10 entrances and exits, 6 comprehensive squares, 3 elevators, 2 toilets on the east and west sides (to the MRT and exit Z7), and 1 unmanned bank (Ruixing Bank).[4] The total floor area is 9,220 m2 (99,200 sq ft) with a maximum capacity of 4370 people.[5]

  • Zhongxiao W. Rd S Exit:
Exit Info Number
Z2 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi , Nanyang St. , Caesar Park Hotel Taipei 5
Z4 Guanqian Rd. , Shin Kong Mitsukoshi , National Taiwan Museum 4
Z6 Guanqian Rd. , National Taiwan Museum 3
Z8 Huaining St. , Taipei Square Building 2
Z10 Taipei Post Office , Chongqing S Rd. , Futai St. Yanglo , Cheng-En Gate / Beimen 1
  • Zhongxiao W. Rd N Exit:
Exit Info Number
Z1 ChengDe Rd. , Taoyuan Airport MRT , Taipei Main Station / TRA HSR 10
Z3 Guanqian Rd. 9
Z5 Chongqing N Rd. 8
Z7 Chongqing N Rd. , Taoyuan Airport MRT 7
Z9 Chongqing N Rd. , Taoyuan Airport MRT , Taiwan Governor General's Bureau of Transportation 6


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