Sophie (comics)

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Author(s)Jidéhem, Vicq
Current status/scheduleTerminated.
Launch date1965
End date1994
Genre(s)Humor comics, Adventure comics

Sophie was a Belgian comics series, originally written by Vicq and co-written and drawn by Jidéhem.[1][2] It follows the adventures of a young girl and was prepublished in Spirou between 1965 and 1994.[1] The series was notable for being the first comic strip series in Spirou with a female character as its leading character.[3][2]


Sophie was originally a side character in Jidéhem's Starter, which was a column dedicated to automobiles in Spirou. Starter featured the adventures of a young mechanic, Starter, and a young female companion named Sophie. When readers showed more interest in Sophie than in Starter she received her own spin-off.[1]


Sophie is a young black-haired, pig-tailed girl who is the daughter of electrotechnician Mr. Karapolie.[1] She was named after Jidéhem's own daughter.[2] They both live in a villa in a quiet neighborhood outside the city, where they are aided by a butler, Joseph. Sophie has three friends, Starter and Pipette, who work as mechanics and Petit Bernard, a little boy who is two years younger than her and far more cowardly. Pipette furthermore owns a black car, Zoë, with a sentient mind.[1] Many storylines revolve around criminals who want to steal the inventions of Sophie's father.


  • L' Oeuf de Karamazout (1968)
  • La Bulle de Silence (1968)
  • Les Bonheurs de Sophie (1st series) (1969)
  • Qui fait peur à Zoè? (1970)
  • Sophie et le Rayon Kâ (1971)
  • La Maison d'en face (1972)
  • Sophie et le Cube qui parle (1972)
  • Les Bonheurs de Sophie (2nd series) (1973)
  • La Tiare de Matlotl Halatomal (1974)
  • Sophie et le Douanier Rousseau (1976)
  • Cette Sacrée Sophie (1977)
  • Les Quatre Saisons (1978)
  • Sophie et l'Inspecteur Céleste (1979)
  • Sophie et Donald Mac Donald (1980)
  • Rétro Sophie (1981)
  • Sophie et Cie (1984)
  • Don Giovanni (1990)
  • L'Odyssée du U 522 (1991)
  • Le Tombeau des Glyphes (1995)