Solvej Balle

Solvej Balle (born 16 August 1962 in Bovrup, Sønderjylland) is a Danish writer.[1]


She was born in Bovrup, Sønderjylland[2] and studied literature and philosophy at the University of Copenhagen. In 1984, she published her first novel Lyrefugl (The Lyre Bird). Balle has travelled through Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada. She attended Forfatterskolen (writer's school) between 1987 and 1989. In 1996, she became editor of the literary journal Den blå port. She wrote &, a book of short prose that was published in 1990. Her 1993 group of stories Ifølge loven, fire beretninger om mennesket (According to the law: Four Stories about Humankind) earned her international recognition.[1]

She was co-author of the 1989 radio play Et netværk af stemmer, from a draft by Jens Christian Grøndahl. In 1992, with Anne Marie Dinesen and Christian Dorph, she translated Rosmarie Waldrop's The Reproduction of Profiles into Danish as Gengivelse af profiler. Balle published a collection of poems Eller in 1998.[2]

Other works[edit]

  • Det umuliges kunst (2005), art theory
  • Det umuliges kunst (2008), memoirs and observations[2]


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