See Ya, Simon

See Ya, Simon
See Ya, Simon.jpg
First edition
AuthorDavid Hill
CountryNew Zealand
GenreFiction, Young adult novel
PublisherMallinson Rendel
Publication date
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Pages128 pp

See Ya, Simon is a novel for young adults by David Hill, about a boy suffering from muscular dystrophy. It was published in 1992.


See Ya, Simon is a fictional novel of a boy suffering from muscular dystrophy. It is very pronounced throughout the story that Simon will not live for another year. Simon is a very righteous and humorous character who is never afraid to share his various opinions and does not seem to care that much despite him knowing he is going to die.

Main characters[edit]


Simon Shaw has a family of four. An older sister Kirsti, his Mum and Dad. He likes role-playing and has a good sense of humour. He dislikes being left out and being treated differently. He is underweight with no build, due to his Muscular Dystrophy. He has brown hair and at times it seems that Simon has a spoilt personality because everyone gives him special treatment.


Nathan who is Simon's best friend has a family of four. His parents have split up and he has a little sister, Fiona. He looks thin and is of small build. He’s got brown hair and he treats Simon like a brother as they have a very close bond.

Minor Characters[edit]

Alex Wilson[edit]

Alex is one of Nathan and Simon’s enemies. He is considered to be the school bully. Not much is said about Alex’s appearance but Nathan often refers to him as looking like an ‘ape’ or a ‘monkey’. Alex is not the smartest kid on the block. This is seen when Nathan makes fun of him saying “his brain is rolling around in his head”. Although Alex is a bully, when Simon died he was sensitive to Nathan.

Brady West[edit]

Brady is the prettiest girl in Nathan’s and Simon’s class. Brady has long blonde hair, blue eyes and beautiful sense of style. Nathan has HUGE crush on her. But as the book goes on, Nathan gets to know her better and she might not be what she seems.


The story takes place in New Zealand. The main settings are in Simon and Nathan's school, their homes, and the hospital.