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Rooma Mehra (born 24 January 1967) is an Indian poet, painter, sculptor, freelance newspaper writer[1][2][3] and a columnist for the Indian Express.


Mehra is a self-taught artist with a social conscience, who has had 11 solo shows[4] of her paintings, reliefs and sculptures. Her artworks are found in private and permanent collections including the National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi,[5] Lalit Kala Akademi[6] New Delhi, Arte Antica Gallery,[7] Canada, and individual collections in Switzerland, the US, Denmark, Austria the UK, Spain, the U.A.E. and Japan. Mehra's art has been referred to as a new art.[8]

She expresses humanitarianism[9][10] in her works of art as well as her writing.[11] Mehra has done voluntary teaching work for the sight-impaired at the Blind Relief Association[12] and the SOS Children's Villages of India (Christian Children's Fund).

A compilation of her newspaper travel articles was translated by Mehra into the German language and published digitally, entitled Das ausländische Stück des Grases in 2008.

Mehra currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Selected publications[edit]

She has written three books of poetry:


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