Old Pelion Hut

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Old Pelion Hut
Old Pelion Hut is located in Tasmania
Old Pelion Hut
Old Pelion Hut
Coordinates41°49′46.4″S 146°2′46.98″E / 41.829556°S 146.0463833°E / -41.829556; 146.0463833Coordinates: 41°49′46.4″S 146°2′46.98″E / 41.829556°S 146.0463833°E / -41.829556; 146.0463833
National parkCradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park
Built in1890s
Built byMount Pelion Mining Company
Built forMining & exploration
Maintained byTasmania Parks and Wildlife Service
Emergency beds4
Accessed byFoot

Old Pelion Hut is an alpine hut located in Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. It was built for the Mount Pelion Copper Mining Company at around 1936.[1]

In 1980, the hut and its surroundings (i.e. 400 metres (1,300 ft) radius) were listed on the now-defunct Register of the National Estate.[2] As of 2019, the hut is included as part of the listing for the Pelion Copper Mine on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.[3]


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