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The National Lacrosse League dispersal draft is a meeting where the general managers of National Lacrosse League teams choose players from teams that are ceasing operations. The NLL has seen many team changes over the years (the 1993 season was the last time the league had no team changes over the previous season[1]), so dispersal drafts have been commonplace. Recent dispersal drafts have occurred in 2011 (Boston Blazers), 2010 (Orlando Titans), 2009 (Portland LumberJax), 2008 (Arizona Sting, Chicago Shamrox), 2007 (Arizona Sting, Boston Blazers), 2005 (Anaheim Storm), 2004 (Vancouver Ravens), 2003 (Ottawa Rebel), and 2002 (Montréal Express).

2011 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Boston Blazers - September 9, 2011[2]

Overall Player Team
First Round
1 Philadelphia Dan Dawson
2 Edmonton Kyle Rubisch
3 Minnesota (from Colorado) Anthony Cosmo
4 Minnesota Josh Sanderson
5 Rochester Mike Kirk
6 Buffalo Kevin Buchanan
7 Calgary Nick Rose
8 Washington Jamie Rooney
9 Minnesota (from Toronto) Greg Downing
Second Round
10 Philadelphia John Orson
11 Edmonton Ryan Dilks
12 Colorado Ryan Hotaling
13 Minnesota Mitch Belisle
14 Rochester Casey Powell
15 Buffalo Damon Edwards
16 Calgary Geoff McNulty
17 Washington Josh Wasson
18 Toronto Jon Durno
Third Round
19 Philadelphia Nick Cotter
20 Edmonton pass
21 Colorado Greg Peyser
22 Minnesota Jason Duboe
23 Rochester Jack Reid
24 Buffalo pass
25 Calgary Brock Armour
26 Washington Dan Teat
27 Toronto pass
Fourth Round
28 Philadelphia Brett Queener
29 Colorado Gary Bining
30 Minnesota Tyler Collins
31 Rochester pass
32 Calgary Kevin Leveille
33 Washington pass
Fifth Round
34 Philadelphia pass
35 Colorado Sean Morris
36 Minnesota pass
37 Calgary pass
All remaining teams pass

2010 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Orlando Titans - August 6, 2010[3]

Overall Player Team
First Round
1 Colorado Matt Vinc
2 Boston (From Philadelphia) Casey Powell
3 Rochester Jordan Hall
4 Minnesota Rory Smith
5 Philadelphia (From Boston) Brendan Mundorf
6 Boston (From Buffalo) John Orsen
7 Edmonton Bill Greer
8 Philadelphia (From Calgary) Ryan Boyle
9 Toronto Mike McLellan
10 Washington Chet Koneczny
Second Round
11 Colorado Jarett Park
12 Philadelphia Stephen Peyser
13 Rochester Dan Hardy
14 Minnesota Tim O'Brien
15 Boston Greg Peyser
16 Buffalo Jesse Guerin
17 Edmonton Matt Alrich
18 Calgary Kurtis Wagar
19 Toronto Mat MacLeod
20 Washington Matt Zash
Third Round
21 Colorado Chad Thompson
22 Philadelphia Jeff Bigas
23 Rochester Kenny Nims
24 Minnesota Matt Bocklet
25 Boston Mike Ammann
26 Buffalo Matt Brown
27 Edmonton pass
28 Calgary Keith Cromwell
29 Toronto pass
30 Washington pass
Fourth Round
31 Colorado Marc Burton
32 Philadelphia Dan Cocoziello
33 Rochester Mike Evans
34 Minnesota pass
35 Boston Chris Passavia
36 Buffalo pass
37 Calgary Rob Smith
Fifth Round
38 Colorado Bryan Barrett
39 Philadelphia pass
40 Rochester Bobby Horsey
41 Boston pass
42 Calgary Brian Spallina
All remaining teams pass

2009 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Portland LumberJax - July 7, 2009[4]

Overall Player Team
First Round
1 Edmonton Brodie Merrill
2 Toronto Tyler Codron
3 Minnesota Scott Stewart
4 Philadelphia Peter Jacobs
5 Colorado Cory Conway
6 Minnesota (from Rochester) Richard Morgan
7 Washington Peter Morgan
8 Boston Kevin Leveille
9 Buffalo Jamison Koesterer
10 New York Ryan Powell
11 Calgary Luke Forget
Second Round
12 Edmonton Matt Disher
13 Toronto Joel Weber
14 Minnesota Tim Campeau
15 Philadelphia Matt Flindell
16 Colorado David Morgan
17 Rochester Dan Stroup
18 Washington Brad MacDonald
19 Boston Matt Yager
20 Buffalo pass
21 New York Matt Brown
22 Calgary Dayne Michaud
Third Round
23 Edmonton Pat Jones
24 Toronto pass
25 Minnesota Bruce Alexander
26 Philadelphia Derek Malawsky
27 Colorado Dallas Eliuk
28 Rochester pass
29 Washington Derek Lowe
All remaining teams pass

2008 Draft results[edit]

There were two separate dispersal drafts in 2008. In June, the Arizona Sting announced that they would not be returning as promised after they decided not to play in the 2008 season. Then just weeks before the 2009 season started, the Chicago Shamrox suspended operations, requiring a second draft.

June 30, 2008[edit]

Players from the Arizona Sting[5]

Overall Player Team
First Round
1 Boston Dan Dawson
2 Edmonton Andy Secore
3 Chicago Scott Self
4 Toronto Craig Conn
5 Rochester Lindsay Plunkett
6 Calgary Bruce Codd
7 Colorado Bruce Murray
8 San Jose Mike Grimes
9 Philadelphia Rob Blasdell
10 New York Jamie Rooney
11 Minnesota Chris McKay
12 Portland Derek Malawsky
13 Buffalo Greg Hinman
Second Round
14 Boston Peter Veltman
15 Edmonton Chris Seller
16 Chicago Brad MacDonald
17 Toronto Mike Attwood
18 Rochester Matt Brown
19 Calgary Pass
20 Colorado Matt Ward
21 San Jose Pass
22 Philadelphia Luc Pinder
23 New York Pass
24 Minnesota Brad Dairon
25 Portland Kyle McEwen

December 12, 2008[edit]

Players from the Chicago Shamrox[6]

Overall Player Team
First Round
1 Boston Anthony Cosmo
2 Edmonton Scott Self
3 Toronto Bill McGlone
4 Rochester Mike Kirk
5 Calgary Tom Montour
6 Colorado Brad Self
7 San Jose Steve McKinlay
8 Philadelphia Mat Giles
9 New York Josh Funk
10 Minnesota Kevin Fines
11 Portland Kevin Leveille
12 Buffalo Cody Jacobs
Second Round
13 Boston Geoff Griffiths
14 Edmonton Callum Crawford
15 Toronto Josh Wasson
16 Rochester Bobby McBride
17 Colorado Steven Brooks
18 San Jose Jake Byrne
19 New York Peter Striebel
20 Minnesota Drew Candy
21 Buffalo Cory Stringer
Third Round
23 Edmonton Darryl Gibson
24 Rochester Craig Robertson
Fourth Round
25 Rochester Pat Saunders
Fifth Round
26 Rochester Brock Boyle

2007 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Arizona Sting and Boston Blazers - November 5, 2007[7]

Player Team Former Team
First Round
Portland Dan Dawson Arizona
New York Patrick Merrill Boston
Philadelphia Rob Blasdell Arizona
Chicago Scott Self Arizona
Minnesota (from Edmonton) Andy Secore Arizona
Chicago (from Toronto) Lindsay Plunkett Arizona
San Jose Peter Veltman Arizona
Minnesota Ryan Avery Boston
Calgary Pat Campbell Boston
Buffalo Craig Conn Arizona
Colorado Bruce Murray Arizona
Rochester Jack Reid Boston
Second Round
Rochester Matt Lyons Arizona
Colorado Matt Brown Arizona
Buffalo Brian Croswell Boston
Calgary Bruce Codd Arizona
Minnesota Mike Grimes Boston
San Jose Sean Morris Boston
Toronto Curtis Ptolmey Arizona
Edmonton Chris Seller Arizona
Chicago Brock Boyle Boston
Philadelphia Jamie Rooney Arizona
New York Matt Alrich Arizona
Portland Derek Malawsky Arizona
Third Round
Portland Brad MacDonald Arizona
New York Greg Downing Arizona
Philadelphia Brenden Thenhaus Boston
Chicago Andrew Lazore Boston
Edmonton Chris McKay Arizona
Toronto Jon Harasym Boston
San Jose Keegan Davidson Arizona
Minnesota Mark Tinning Arizona
Calgary Greg Hinman Arizona
Buffalo Joe Smith Arizona
Colorado Jed Prossner Boston
Rochester Alex Smith Arizona

2005 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Anaheim Storm - July 20, 2005[8]

Player Team
Rory Glaves Edmonton
Casey Powell Portland
Matt Roik San Jose
Bruce Murray Minnesota
Peter Morgan Philadelphia
Bill Greer Colorado
Matt King Calgary
Cam Bergman Rochester
Chris McElroy Arizona (from Buffalo)
Matt Dwane Arizona
Scott Stewart Portland (from Toronto)
Damien Davis Edmonton
Adam Bysouth Portland
Mike Law San Jose
Ryan Powell Minnesota
Pat Jones Philadelphia

2004 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Vancouver Ravens - December 15, 2004[9]

Player Team
Craig Conn Minnesota
Rory Glaves Anaheim
Cam Sedgwick Arizona
Kevin Olson San Jose
Chris McKay Rochester
Nick Patterson Minnesota
Matt Dwane Philadelphia
Randy Daly Colorado
Curt Malawsky Buffalo
D'Arcy Berthiaume Minnesota
Bruce Murray Anaheim
Noah Talbot Arizona
Ian Hawksbee Philadelphia
Peter Morgan Rochester
Rich Catton San Jose
Declined to select Toronto
Declined to select Colorado
Declined to select Buffalo

2003 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Ottawa Rebel - July 31, 2003[10]

Player Team
Matt Disher Anaheim
Bruce Codd New York
Scott Self Columbus
Kevin Howard Philadelphia
Brennan Day San Jose
Jamie Roy Vancouver
Kyle Laverty Calgary
Brad Self Colorado
Jason Clark Buffalo
Mat Giles Rochester
Ryan Painter Toronto
Stephen Evans Anaheim
Andrew Leyshon New York
Eric Pacey Columbus
Jake Lawson Philadelphia
Chris Konopliff San Jose
Peter Veltman Vancouver
Kevin Dostie Calgary
Mike Henderson Colorado
Marc Landriault Buffalo
Shawn Zettel Rochester
Kevin Lunnie Toronto
Adam Mitchell Anaheim
Derek Collins New York
Shawn Parnell Columbus
DJ Serr Philadelphia
Rick Matthews San Jose
Jamie Raffan Vancouver
Jon Tarbell Calgary
Declined to select Colorado
Mike Hamilton Buffalo
Declined to select Rochester
Ryan McNish Toronto

2002 Draft results[edit]

Players from the Montreal Express - September 21, 2002[11]

Player Team
Tracey Kelusky Calgary
Bruce Codd Ottawa
Peter Lough Columbus
Jason Crosbie Ottawa (from New Jersey)
Mat Giles Ottawa (from New York)
Aime Caines Buffalo
Eric Pacey Ottawa (from Philadelphia)
Forfeited Colorado
Bruce Alexander Vancouver
Steve Penny Rochester
Curtis Palidwor Columbus (from Albany)
Todd Richard Toronto
Brad MacArthur Calgary
Shawn Zettel Ottawa
D'Arcy Berthiaume Columbus
Shawn Parnell Ottawa (from New Jersey)
Dean Harrison New York
Kelly Sullivan Buffalo
Declines to select Philadelphia
Brian Buchanon Colorado
Troy Thompson Vancouver
Declines to select Rochester
Shawn Summerfield Albany
Declines to select Toronto


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