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Nagaraya (Japanese: ナガラヤ) is a snack food brand owned by Food Industries, Inc., a Philippine-based company.[1] Its core product, Nagaraya Cracker Nuts, was first introduced in the Philippines in 1968. It is composed of peanuts encased in a wheat flour-based coating.[2] The texture is similar to that of Wasabi peas, but with a nutty flavor and comes in five different flavor varieties.[3][4] The product has no preservatives, colourants, non-natural additives, zero cholesterol and low sodium content (85mg or 4 percent). It is also worthy of note that it also has a fiber content of 1g or 4 percent of daily intake and 2% of iron.[5]

The brand is also used for the company's other snack food product, Nagaraya Sweet-Mini Pretzels, a biscuit stick snack similar to Pretz and Pocky.

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