Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008

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Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008
Ingrid Marie Rivera, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008
DateNovember 23, 2007
PresentersDesiree Lowry, Osvaldo Ríos
EntertainmentKany García
VenueCentro de Bellas Artes, Santurce, San Juan
WinnerIngrid Marie Rivera Santos
Dorado Dorado
CongenialityLetty Perez
Canóvanas Canóvanas
PhotogenicIngrid Marie Rivera Santos
Dorado Dorado
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Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008, The annual competition was held at the Centro de Bellas Artes in Santurce, televised live by Telemundo Puerto Rico. It was presented by Desirée Lowry and Osvaldo Ríos. Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2007, Uma Blasini of Guayanilla was succeeded by Ingrid Marie Rivera, from Dorado who won the Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008 title on November 23, 2007. Music was performed by Puerto Rican singer Kany García. Rivera represented Puerto Rico at the Miss Universe 2008 contest in Nha Trang, Vietnam, but did not reach the semifinals.


Final Results Contestant
Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008
1st Runner-Up
  • San Juan Santurce - Claudia Alejandra Cruz Bosch
2nd Runner-Up
3rd Runner-Up
4th Runner-Up
5th Runner-Up
Top 13

Special Awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Miss Photogenic
Most Beautiful Face
Inner Beauty
Miss Congeniality
Best National Costume
Best Legs
Best Skin
Best Hair
Miss Spirit (People's Choice


Here is a list of the official 30 contestants.

Municipalities Contestant
Aguadilla Aguadilla Elisabeth Rivera
Arecibo Arecibo Delorean Torres
Barceloneta Barceloneta Jedith Marie Crespo
Barranquitas Barranquitas Celia Colón
Bayamón Bayamón Ivelisse Del Valle
Caguas Caguas Melissa Marty
Canóvanas Canóvanas Letty Pérez
Carolina Carolina Yaritza Montalvo
Comerío Comerio Cristina Paola Torres
United States Comunidad Puertorriqueña en Estados Unidos Lees Darian García
Corozal Corozal Sandybell de Jesús Agosto
Dorado Dorado Ingrid Marie Rivera
Fajardo Fajardo Bianca Castro
Guayama Guayama María Noelis Rosario
Guaynabo Guaynabo Francoise Mugnano
Gurabo Gurabo Nicole Vega
Hatillo Hatillo Jennifer M. Sánchez
Isabela Isabela Amanda Díaz
Juana Díaz Juana Díaz Vanessa Méndez
Lares Lares Luz Iraida Morales
Ponce Ponce Mónica Alvarado
Salinas Salinas Nathalie Cuevas
San Juan San Juan Mayra Griselle Iglesias
San Sebastián San Sebastián Cristina Mariel Larregui
San Juan Santurce Claudia Alejandra Cruz
Trujillo Alto Trujillo Alto Kristina Ruisánchez
Utuado Utuado Maribel Montalvo
Vega Alta Vega Alta Elisa Acevedo
Villalba Villalba Marjorie Crystal Castillo
Yauco Yauco Dayline Caraballo


Conflict between the candidates and Pageant officials began when it was revealed that Ingrid Marie Rivera would be a candidate at this year's pageant. Prior to the Miss Puerto Rico Universe competition, Rivera had participated in several major beauty pageants. In 2005 she won the title of Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico (Miss Puerto Rico World) following her win she competed at the Miss World pageant placing 2nd runner-up and obtained the title of Miss Caribbean World. In 2003, she also held the title of Miss Global Queen. Rivera was also a judge at last year's Miss Puerto Rico Universe pageant won by Uma Blasini. Candidates were concerned about Rivera, they felt as if she should not be allowed to compete and feared that Rivera's previous pageant experience would favor her in the competition and help her win the pageant.

Pageant night[edit]

Rivera was booed by some members of the crowd in her swimsuit, evening gown and final question competitions. Despite it all Rivera won the title, although her victory is portrayed as an unfair win. Three days after the pageant was over an even bigger controversy arouse when it was revealed Rivera's belongings had been stolen while the competition was undergoing. Also Rivera's gown and makeup had been coated with pepper spray, causing redness and itchiness in her skin during the pageant. This incident has made headlines nationwide and is now being investigated by officers to determine who is responsible for this.


At first police said tests showed no traces of capsicum, the pepper spray's active ingredient, disproving the alleged sabotage of Rivera's clothing during the competition. Police are now investigating and questioning if the alleged sabotage against Rivera is a true story or a publicity stunt. Rivera, pageant officials, and even Magali Febles who is the owner of the Miss Puerto Rico Universe organization could possibly be submitted to a lie detector test. The investigation continued for the next couple of weeks. None of the participants have publicly admitted seeing Rivera with any type of reaction during the competition nor seeing anyone with a suspicious behavior that could lead to a suspect. The delegates from the towns of Santurce, Guaynabo, Bayamón, Salinas, Fajardo and Utuado appeared on national television, on shows like "The Tyra Banks Show" and "The Today Show" saying they were skeptical about the veracity of this incident since none of them knew anything about it until days after the pageant was over. After a few weeks during the investigation, a swimsuit and a second gown were tested, and pepper spray was found.