Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Mall

Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Mall
龍山寺地下街 Interior 2019.jpg
LocationNo.145, Section 1, Xiyuan Road, Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°02′20″N 121°30′00″E / 25.03886614489204°N 121.5000045840673°E / 25.03886614489204; 121.5000045840673Coordinates: 25°02′20″N 121°30′00″E / 25.03886614489204°N 121.5000045840673°E / 25.03886614489204; 121.5000045840673
Opening dateSeptember 17, 2005
No. of floors4 floors
Public transit accessLongshan Temple metro station

Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Mall (Chinese: 龍山寺地下街; pinyin: Lóngshānxì Dìxiàjiē) is an underground shopping center located in Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan. It is located directly below Bangka Park and is connected with Longshan Temple metro station.[1] There are a total of 7 entrances to access the shopping mall from the ground floor. The mall has four levels. Level B1 is a famous fortune-telling street, where some stores also sell lucky charms and daily necessities;[2] level B2 sells a variety of commodities, such as exquisite cultural goods and snacks, souvenirs, etc. Levels B3 and B4 are used as a public parking lot.[3]


  • Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Mall officially started operation on September 17, 2005.[4]
  • The mall underwent a large renovation starting from January 15, 2019 and reopened at the end of January 2021.[5]


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