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Antoni Gaudí was an architect from Catalonia, Spain, who belonged to the Modernisme (Art Nouveau) movement. He was famous for his unique style and highly individualistic designs.

As an architecture student at the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura in Barcelona from 1873 to 1877, Gaudí achieved only mediocre grades, but he did well in his "trial drawings and projects."[1] After five years of work and schooling, Gaudi qualified as an architect in 1878.

As Elies Rogent signed Gaudí's degree he declared, "Qui sap si hem donat el diploma a un boig o a un geni. El temps ens ho dirà." ("Who knows if we have given this diploma to a nut or to a genius. Time will tell.")

Gaudi immediately began to plan and design. He remained affiliated with the school his entire life.

Built in Gaudí's lifetime[edit]

Dates refer to the period Gaudí was involved in the construction phase of the building.

Name photo WHS Location Constr.
Sagrada Família: crypt,
apse, Nativity façade
Sagrada Familia 01.jpg #5 Barcelona 1883 1926 41°24′13″N 2°10′28″E / 41.40361°N 2.17444°E / 41.40361; 2.17444 (Sagrada Familia)
El Capricho Capricho gaudi 201108.jpg Comillas
1883 1885 43°23′01″N 4°17′34″W / 43.3837°N 4.2927°W / 43.3837; -4.2927 (El Capricho)
Casa Vicens Casa Vicens (Barcelona) - 3.jpg #4 Barcelona 1883 1888 41°24′12.50″N 2°9′2.44″E / 41.4034722°N 2.1506778°E / 41.4034722; 2.1506778 (Casa Vicens)
Episcopal Palace of Astorga Astorga Palacio Episcopal 2010.jpg Astorga
1883 1893 42°27′28″N 6°03′21″W / 42.45778°N 6.05583°W / 42.45778; -6.05583 (Episcopal Palace of Astorga)
Güell Pavilions Pabellones Güell.jpg Barcelona 1884 1887 41°23′22.1382″N 2°07′9.9006″E / 41.389482833°N 2.119416833°E / 41.389482833; 2.119416833 (Güell Pavilions)
Palau Güell PalauGuell1.jpg #2 Barcelona 1885 1890 41°22′44″N 2°10′27″E / 41.37889°N 2.17417°E / 41.37889; 2.17417 (Palau Güell)
College of Saint Teresa-Ganduxer Teresianas01.jpg Barcelona 1888 1889 41°23′59.76″N 2°7′58.27″E / 41.3999333°N 2.1328528°E / 41.3999333; 2.1328528 (Teresian College)
Casa Botines Casa Botines.jpg León 1891 1892 42°35′54″N 5°34′14″W / 42.59833°N 5.57056°W / 42.59833; -5.57056 (Casa Botines)
Bodegas Güell Garraf - Celler Güell.jpg Sitges
1895 1897 41°15′21.09″N 1°54′19.55″E / 41.2558583°N 1.9054306°E / 41.2558583; 1.9054306 (Bodegas Güell)
Casa Calvet Casa Calvet.JPG Barcelona 1898 1900 41°23′27″N 2°10′23″E / 41.39083°N 2.17306°E / 41.39083; 2.17306 (Casa Calvet)
Bellesguard BellesguardI.JPG Barcelona 1900 1909 41°24′34″N 2°07′37″E / 41.40944°N 2.12694°E / 41.40944; 2.12694 (Bellesguard's Tower)
Park Güell Parcguell.jpg #1 Barcelona 1900 1914 41°24′49″N 2°09′10″E / 41.41361°N 2.15278°E / 41.41361; 2.15278 (Park Güell)
Artigas Gardens Lillet17.jpg La Pobla de Lillet
1905 1906 42°15′13″N 1°58′30″E / 42.25361°N 1.97500°E / 42.25361; 1.97500 (Artigas Gardens)
Casa Batlló Close up Casa Batlo.JPG #6 Barcelona 1904 1906 41°23′30″N 2°09′54″E / 41.39167°N 2.16500°E / 41.39167; 2.16500 (Casa Batlló)
Casa Milà Casa Milà - Barcelona, Spain - Jan 2007.jpg #3 Barcelona 1906 1912 41°23′43″N 2°09′42″E / 41.39528°N 2.16167°E / 41.39528; 2.16167 (Casa Milà)
Church of Colònia Güell Cripta de la Colònia Güell 1.jpg #7 Santa Coloma de Cervelló
1908 1914 41°21′49″N 2°1′41″E / 41.36361°N 2.02806°E / 41.36361; 2.02806 (Church of Colònia Güell)
Sagrada Família Schools SF - Escuelas.jpg #5* Barcelona 1909 41°24′10.7″N 2°10′27.0″E / 41.402972°N 2.174167°E / 41.402972; 2.174167 (Sagrada Familia schools)

Building designs[edit]

Designs of buildings that were not, or at least not fully, realised during the architect's life. Dates refer to the period Gaudí was involved with the design.

Name photo Location Date Coordinates
Sagrada Família Sagrada Familia 01.jpg Barcelona 1883–1926 41°24′13″N 2°10′28″E / 41.40361°N 2.17444°E / 41.40361; 2.17444 (Sagrada Familia)
Franciscan Missions in Tangier Misiones Franciscanas (Tánger).jpg Tangier,
Hotel Attraction Hotel Atracción - sección (colour adjusted).jpg New York City,
United States

UNESCO World Heritage Site[edit]

Works of Antoni Gaudí
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaCultural: (i)(ii)(iv)
Inscription1984 (8th Session)

Seven (parts of) buildings are included in UNESCO's World Heritage Site No. 320bis, Works of Antoni Gaudí, all of them located in the Province of Barcelona:

  1. Parque Güell
  2. Palacio Güell
  3. Casa Mila
  4. Casa Vicens
  5. Nativity Façade and Crypt of the Sagrada Familia
    *Other parts of the Sagrada Familia, including the Sagrada Família Schools, are included in the buffer zone of the 5th part of the WHS site.
  6. Casa Batlló
  7. Crypt at the Colònia Güell
    Buffer zone includes part of the Colònia Güell and the Torre Salvana [ca]


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