Jewish on Campus

Jewish on Campus
Julia Jassey

Jewish on Campus is a student-led Jewish nonprofit organization dedicated towards addressing discrimination against Jewish college students as well as anti-Zionism on college campuses.


In 2020, Jewish on Campus was co-created by Jewish college students, Isaac de Castro and Julia Jassey, as an Instagram page meant to bring awareness to individual incidents of antisemitism on college campuses.[1][2] However, after online popularity, it transformed into a nonprofit organization.[1] As an organization, Jewish on Campus expanded its work to include a platform for student journalism, data collection and analysis to better understand the state of antisemitism on campuses, and an ambassador program to unify Jewish students across the United States and Canada to make statements representative of American Jewish and Canadian Jewish students.[3][4]

The organization has been active in Israel-related issues on college campuses.[5] In 2022, Jewish on Campus and other Zionist organizations helped open an investigation at the University of Vermont by filing a complaint over ad-hoc student groups that refused to admit Zionist students as members, among other allegations.[6]

In November 2021, Jewish on Campus became a partner organization of the World Jewish Congress.[7]

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