Inspector De Luca (novel series)

Inspector De Luca novels
Carta bianca (Lucarelli).jpg
Carta bianca, the first of the trilogy
AuthorCarlo Lucarelli
GenreThriller, Detective
Publication date
1990, 1991, 1996

The Inspector De Luca mysteries, also called the De Luca trilogy, consist of three Italian novels, Carte Blanche (it:Carta bianca (Lucarelli), 1990), The Damned Season (it:L'estate torbida, 1991), and Goose Street (it:Via Delle Oche (1996) by Italian crime fiction writer Carlo Lucarelli.

The novels have been noted for the setting in the period between the collapse of the Fascist government of Italy in 1943 and installation of the Italian Social Republic puppet state of Nazi Germany from 1943 to 1945, and the immediate postwar period, and also for the tenacious attitude of the protagonist policeman - a feature also found in other Lucarelli series.[1]

The novels were adapted for Italian television as Inspector De Luca (TV series) in 2008.


  1. ^ Peter Bondanella, Andrea Ciccarelli The Cambridge Companion to the Italian Novel 0521669626 2003 p.230 "Exactly the opposite is true of Inspector De Luca, protagonist of several of Lucarelli's mysteries that are set in the chaotic period between the collapse of Italy's Fascist government in 1943 and the immediate postwar period, when policemen with connections to the fallen regime are suspected by every political faction associated with the triumph of antifascism. ... He tenaciously determines to solve his cases even if the pursuit of his investigations causes him to risk his life in the last years of the war in Carta bianca (Carte Blanche, 1990) and L 'estate torbida (The Turbid Summer, 1991), or moves him to risk his entire career after the war in Via delle oche (Goose Street, 1996). "