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Hunt's Snack Pack is a pudding snack manufactured since 1977 by ConAgra Foods.[1]


Snack Packs were introduced in 1968 in single-serve aluminum/metal cans, before switching to plastic cups in 1984 and clear plastic cups in 1990.[2] They are marketed as healthy treats for children. In the 1970s Snack Pack was sold in Australia via the Foster Clark company with the television slogan "if it wasn't for a Snack Pack, a kid'd starve".

In popular culture[edit]

Snack Pack appears in the movie Billy Madison as it is the title character's favorite dessert. He is disappointed that Juanita packed him a banana instead of a Snack Pack in his lunch, so he attempts to take one from a schoolboy in exchange for his banana during lunch time, but fails. Billy eventually gets a whole pack of Snack Pack as a present from Miss Vaughn when celebrating passing Third Grade.

In episode 16 of season 3 That '70s Show, Kitty Forman gives Fez and Hyde a pair of Snack Packs. However, instead of the period-accurate aluminum containers of the 1970s the Snack Packs are in the modern-day clear plastic current containers.[2]

In Episode 14 of Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother, Marshal demands a Snack Pack from a child in Lily's kindergarten class after spraying his pants with juice for blackmailing him with the Super Bowl results.

In Episode 8 of Season 1 of the Netflix series Stranger Things (Chapter 8: The Upside Down), Dustin and Lucas raid the school cafeteria for a hidden stash of chocolate Snack Packs.[3]


Many of the above flavors are available in *no sugar added* and *fat free* varieties. Also, Lemon and Lemon Meringue Pie contain no milk products.


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