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Part I first edition cover of Helkavirsiä
Part I first edition cover, designed by painter Pekka Halonen
AuthorEino Leino
PublisherOtava, Helsinki
Publication date
1903 (part I), 1916 (part II)

Helkavirsiä (Swedish: Helkasånger; English: Whitsongs)[1][2] is a two-part poetry collection by the Finnish poet Eino Leino, published in 1903 and 1916 respectively.[2] Leino wrote the first part in Kangasniemi, in Central Finland, in the summer of 1903, while staying at the summer house of his friend and fellow writer, Otto Manninen.[3][4]

The collection draws inspiration from the country's national epic Kalevala and other Finnish mythology, merging legends and ballads with modern themes and structures.[4]

Helkavirsiä is considered not only Leino's breakthrough and one of his most notable works, but also seminal in the development of modern Finnish poetry and wider cultural identity.[1][5]


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