Fantastic Comics

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Fantastic Comics
Fantastic Comics #1 (1939)
Publication information
PublisherFox Feature Syndicate
Publication dateDecember 1939 – November 1941
No. of issues23
Main character(s)Black Fury
Stardust the Super Wizard

Fantastic Comics was an American comic book superhero anthology title published by Fox Feature Syndicate during the Golden Age of Comic Books. The title introduced the characters Banshee, Black Fury (John Perry), Nagana, Queen of Evil, Samson, and Stardust the Super Wizard.

Publication history[edit]

The first issue is cover-dated December 1939. Fantastic Comics continued to run until issue #23 in November 1941.

Most of the characters appearing in Fantastic Comics eventually fell into the public domain. In 2008, as part of the Next Issue Project, Image Comics revived the title with a single issue, "#24." This issue features the following characters:


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