Craven Gap

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Craven Gap
Craven Gap-2011.jpg
Craven Gap, along the Blue Ridge Parkway
Elevation3,132 ft (955 m)[1]
Traversed by NC 694 / Blue Ridge Pkwy
Location North Carolina
 United States
RangeGreat Craggy Mountains
Coordinates35°38′52″N 82°29′27″W / 35.6478906°N 82.4909588°W / 35.6478906; -82.4909588Coordinates: 35°38′52″N 82°29′27″W / 35.6478906°N 82.4909588°W / 35.6478906; -82.4909588
Topo mapUSGS Craggy Pinnacle
Craven Gap is located in North Carolina
Craven Gap
The pass is located in Buncombe County

Craven Gap (el. 3,132 ft (955 m)) is a mountain pass between Peach Knob and Rice Knob, part of the Elk Mountains and Great Craggy Mountains. NC 694 (Town Mountain Road) connects with the Blue Ridge Parkway at the gap, where it provides direct access to downtown Asheville. The gap also has trails for hikers and is a popular bicycle rest area.[2]


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