Crab Orchard Mountains

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Map of peaks over 3,200 ft (975 m)
Crab Orchard Mountains

The Crab Orchard Mountains are a rugged, detached range of the southern Cumberland Mountains. They are situated in East Tennessee atop the Cumberland Plateau just west of the plateau's eastern escarpment, and comprise parts of Morgan, Anderson, and Cumberland counties. The Crab Orchard Mountains have many peaks over 3,000 ft., with the highest being Big Fodderstack at 3,340 feet (1,020 m)[1] and Frozen Head at 3,324 feet (1,013 m), the latter and part of the former being located in Frozen Head State Park. The mountains are made rugged by the erosion of many streams that have cut deep gorges into the mountains. The Crab Orchard Mountains are still one of the most rural areas in all of Appalachia.


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Coordinates: 35°57′11″N 84°47′46″W / 35.953°N 84.796°W / 35.953; -84.796