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Aban, an ancient Iranian goddess

MPers: ābān “water”; Aban was another name for the goddess apam.napat or later Anahita. This goddess was mainly accompanied with a group of goddess called “apas”. In Avesta (Y: 3/38) waters or Apas were praised as "the wives of Ahura", and worshiped in the first ten days of month. The worship ceremony of water was belonged to all aquatic divinities such as Anan (apam.napat, Anahita, and even Khordad). The confusion amoung apas, Aban, apam.napat and Anahita as a result of Anahita's fame took place finally in the late period of Achaemanid dynasty (ca. 400 B.C). Later, in sasanid period the soul of all waters was known as Aban or mainly Ardvisur Anahita (later: Anahita), and it became the goddess of waters who was forever pre-eminent for Iranian nation.

Aban day: Aban is also the name of tenth day of each month. In Iranian myth Hormazd was created the sky in Aban day of Ordibehesht (the second) month. The creation of water was also completed in this day, since it has been advised that “in Aban day do not annoy the water!” In Aban day of Aban month there was a certain fest related to water called Abangan. Later, it confused with ceremony of Anahita fest. According to a legend in this fest Zaw the son of Tahmasp secured the rule, and ordered to dig canals, and in this day the inhabitants of seven centuries was received the news that Zahhak has been enchained by king Fereydun, and the later one became emperor of world.

Aban month: Aban is the eighth month in Iranian calendar (October 23- November 22) which belonged to water. In ancient Iran Aban was assumed as the beginning of winter; therefore, in this month the spirit of Rabihwin make a journey from above of the earth to the underground world and dwelling in the source of waters to warm and protect the roots of trees from freezing. Hormazd started creation of beneficial cattle in this month.

Source: A Concise Encyclopedia of Iranian Mythology, by: Dr. Khosro Gholizadeh

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