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Directed byJacob Cheung
Written byJacob Cheung
Ng Chong Chau
Wong Yank
StarringRoy Chiao
Liu Kai-chi
Wong Ka Kui
Victor Wong
Teddy Robin
Chow Chung
Bowie Wu
CinematographyAndy Lam
Edited byHenry Cheung
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Running time
144 minutes

Cageman (Chinese: 籠民) is a 1992 Hong Kong satirical comedy-drama film directed by Jacob Cheung. It won four awards at the 12th Hong Kong Film Awards held in 1993, including Best Film.


The movie explores the lives of tenants of the Wah Ha cage-house, who try to resist to stay in their cage-homes after the landlord announces he will take the building back and demolish it.


  • Roy Chiao – Koo Yiu-Cho aka Fatso, the person in charge of the cage-house who collects rents and pays them to the landlord
  • Liu Kai-chi – Prince Sam, Koo Yiu-Cho's adult son who has intellectual disability
  • Wong Ka Kui – Mao, Lam Tsung's adopted son who joins to live with the tenants and has a criminal past
  • Michael Lee Ming-Yeung – 7-11, a 99-year-old tenant who sells goods to other tenants
  • Victor Wong – Sissy, a tenant who is close friends with 7-11 and assists him
  • Teddy Robin – Tong Sam aka Monkey Man, a short tenant who owns a pet monkey named Tucker
  • Lau Shun – Taoist, a philosophical tenant who always carries a bottle of wine with him
  • Joe Junior – Charlie, a former tenant who often visits the cage-house and brings food for other tenants
  • Ku Feng – Luk Tung, a tenant who works as a handyman
  • Tats Lau – Brother Sang
  • Chow Chung – Councillor Chow
  • Dennis Chan – Councillor Tsui
  • Bowie Wu – Officer Lam Tsung, Mao's adoptive father
  • Teddy Chan – Possession order messenger
  • Sze Kai-Keung – TV interviewer
  • Herman Yau – TV director
  • Tang Cheung – Dai Lap Hing

Awards and nominations[edit]

Awards and nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Outcome
12th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film Cageman Won
Best Director Jacob Cheung Won
Best Screenplay Yank Wong, Ng Chong Chau and Jacob Cheung Won
Best Supporting Actor Liu Kai-chi Won
Best Art Direction Yank Wong and Chin Yiu-Hang Nominated

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