CNN Business Traveller

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CNN Business Traveller
CNN Business Traveller logo.png
GenreBusiness, travel
Presented byRichard Quest
Production locationVaries
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time30 minutes (inc. adverts)
Original networkCNN International
Original release2002 (2002) –
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CNN Business Traveller is a monthly television program on CNN International hosted by Richard Quest.

The program was launched in 2002[1] and the program investigates various topics related to business related travel, including airlines, airport lounges, frequent-flyer programs, hotels and the travelling lifestyle.[2][3]

James Williams was also a producer and occasional presenter on the program, before being given his own CNN program in 2016 titled In 24 Hours.[4][5]

In 2016, the program attempted a stunt to fly around the world travelling only on low cost carriers, comparing experiences on each airline and interviewing executives from the carriers over two episodes of CNN Business Traveller.[6] Quest travelled on 10 airlines, through 9 countries across 8 days.[7]


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