Bote Mountain

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Bote Mountain
Bote Mountain Trail
Bote Mountain Trail
Highest point
Elevation2,841 ft (866 m)
Parent peakCold Water Knob
Coordinates35°36′32″N 83°43′34″W / 35.60889°N 83.72611°W / 35.60889; -83.72611Coordinates: 35°36′32″N 83°43′34″W / 35.60889°N 83.72611°W / 35.60889; -83.72611[1]
Parent rangeGreat Smoky Mountains, Appalachian Range
Topo mapUSGS Thunderhead Mountain
Age of rockLate Precambrian
Mountain typeFold
Easiest routeHike

Bote Mountain is a mountain in Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee, in the United States.[1]

Bote Mountain is located in the Great Smoky Mountains, which began forming in the late Carboniferous and through the early Triassic, approximately 310 to 245 million years ago. The oldest rocks of the Great Smoky Mountains, however, date from the Neoproterozoic, approximately 800 million years ago. Those rocks are sedimentary rocks, and were deposited on an ancient ocean floor on the edge of a supercontinent.[2]

Bote Mountain was named because of a misunderstanding when, in the 1830s, Cherokee workers were asked which route a new road would follow. They pointed towards Bote Mountain and said "vote", which was interpreted by the white workers, who thought they were naming the mountain, as "bote". Hence, the mountain was named "Bote Mountain".[3]

The Bote Mountain Trail follows the crest of the mountain, and intersects the Appalachian Trail at Spence Field.[4]


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