Bear's Paw

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Bear's Paw
Hanging Rock
Peak Mtn and Bears Paw from Half Moon Overlook, Oct 2016.jpg
Peak Mountain (left) and Bear's Paw (right) viewed from Grandfather Mountain
Highest point
Elevation5,203 ft (1,586 m)[1]
Prominence1,080 ft (330 m)[2]
Coordinates36°09′13″N 81°49′27″W / 36.15361°N 81.82417°W / 36.15361; -81.82417Coordinates: 36°09′13″N 81°49′27″W / 36.15361°N 81.82417°W / 36.15361; -81.82417[1]
Bear's Paw is located in North Carolina
Bear's Paw
Bear's Paw
Location in North Carolina
Bear's Paw is located in the United States
Bear's Paw
Bear's Paw
Bear's Paw (the United States)
LocationAvery / Watauga counties, North Carolina, U.S.
Parent rangeBlue Ridge Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Valle Crucis

Hanging Rock, also known as Bear's Paw (Yonah‑wayah in Cherokee),[3] is a mountain in the North Carolina High Country, next to the town of Seven Devils. It is along the Avery and Watauga border. Its elevation reaches 5,203 feet (1,586 m). The mountain generates feeder streams for the Elk and Watauga rivers.

In 2008, Bear Paw State Natural Area was established on the mountain by the North Carolina General Assembly.[3] The High Country Conservancy acquired the initial 350 acres (1.4 km2) for the state,[4] and the park now encompasses 384 acres (1.55 km2).[5] The natural area is located just north of Grandfather Mountain State Park, and it protects Hanging Rock Ridge and the headwaters of Dutch Creek. It is managed by Grandfather Mountain State Park.

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