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Allen Kaeja (born in Kitchener, Ontario) is a Canadian film director and choreographer. He entered the field of dance after nine years of wrestling and judo,[1] and has created over 90 dance pieces since 1981 and choreographed 26 films. Kaeja is one of the co-artistic directors of Kaeja d'Dance, along with his wife Karen Kaeja[2] and has completed an MA dance degree at York University. He is co-founder of the CanAsian International Dance Festival.


Kaeja's dance film Of the Heart (2008) was co-directed with Douglas Rosenberg.[3] Allen and Karen Kaeja teach master classes in Kaeja Partnering and Dance Film. Allen teaches at the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre and Ryerson University.

In 2011, Kaeja co-created the Porch View Dances series with Karen Kaeja and Kaeja d'Dance.[4] In 2019, in honour of the success of the series in Toronto's Seaton Village, the city of Toronto officially renamed a laneway in the neighbourhood "Porch View Dances Lane."[5]


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