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The ACA Hurricane was a 130dB civilian defense siren, created in 1968, and stopped production around 1980, produced by Alerting Communicators of America, now American Signal Corporation. The Hurricane is very similar to the Federal Signal Thunderbolt Series.


The ACA Hurricane 130 was designed by Jim Biersach of Alerting Communicators of America and presented at a Civil Defense convention in November, 1968. They introduced other sirens, however, this utilized new fiber casting techniques, never before used by any other company. The Hurricane started off with a square horn (very similar to the Federal Signal Thunderbolt), but ended with two throats where the horn attaches to the chopper enclosure. These were produced until 1973 when a larger, rounded horn was made that was a true exponential horn. Additionally, the Hurricane siren was a supercharged mechanical siren, utilizing a blower and high output chopper similar to the Federal Signal Thunderbolt. The siren was popular with towns looking for a high output 130dB siren. The corporation continued production until 1980, when it was replaced with the P-50 50 HP, 135 dB siren (also known as the T-135). All Hurricanes are very rare, as most of them have been replaced by newer sirens.

Technical information[edit]

Year Type Horn Shape Rotor/Stator Ratio Notes
1968 Hurricane 130 Square 10/12 Cylinder-shaped rotator assembly, with small collector rings.
1970s Hurricane 130 Square 10/12, 8/10, 8/12, 8/8, 10/10, and 12/12 Bigger rotator, with larger collector rings for better performance.
1973 Hurricane 130 MKII Round 8/10 This type onwards used a 30 HP compressor, as opposed to an earlier 25 HP compressor.
Mid-1970s Hurricane 130 MKII Round 8/10 Used modified rotator to allow for easy maintenance. This is the most commonly seen Hurricane of all types.

Cities using the Hurricane 130[edit]

Cities Using Or That Have Used The ACA Hurricane Number of Sirens, Operation Status Model
Addyston, OH 1, Removed. Currently in Private Possession. MKII-130
Kewaunee, WI At least 4, Removed and Replaced Later on (Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant) MKII-130
Baxter, MN 1, Removed 130
Benton Harbor, MI About 10, Removed and Replaced With Whelen WPS Omnidirectional Sirens in 1996 (Cook Nuclear Power Plant) MKII-130
Crystal River, FL Approximately 10, Removed (Crystal River NPP system). All replaced with Whelen sirens. MKII-130
Centralia, IL 2, 1 Removed, 1 In Private Possession 130
Darien, IL 2, 1 Still Operational, 1 Removed for Private Possession. MKII-130
Fayetteville, OH 1, Removed MKII-130
Garland, TX 4, Removed. Replaced with ATI sirens then were replaced later with Whelen sirens. MKII-130
Greendale, WI 1, Removed. Replaced with an American Signal Corporation T-128. MKII-130
Glendale, WI 1, Removed. MKII-130
Greenville, TX 2, 1 is out of service as the switch is set to the (OFF) position. The Hurricane located at 5401 I-30 Frontage Rd has a detached blower. The power switch remains in the (ON) position with no evidence of cut wires. UPDATE: Checked up on Siren 3 weeks from Oct. 10, still remains in the same position. Likely inactive. MKII-130
La Crescent, MN 3, Removed (1 Hurricane MKII-130 is replaced by a Sentry siren and another Hurricane is replaced by a Federal Signal 2001-130) MKII-130
Milwaukee, WI 2, 1 operational. The one at the West Bradley fire station is confirmed to still be working, with no sources of replacement.[1] It will only be removed if it ceases operation. The other one is stored at the ASC Headquarters. MKII-130
Moore, OK 2, All Removed and Replaced. MKII-130
Oak Harbor, Ohio All removed and replaced with Federal Signal Thunderbolts and XT22s. MKII-130
Plymouth, MN 1, Removed. 130
Rolling Meadows, IL 3, Removed. MKII-130, 130
Spencer, IN 2, All removed in 1993. 1 Bought by a private owner, the other one was most likely scrapped. MKII-130
Minnetonka, MN 3, Removed. 130
DeKalb, IL 4, Removed. One was a 1968 version of the Hurricane which has a cylinder-shaped rotator assembly, replaced by Federal Signal 2001 series sirens in 1989 due to partial system failure during a tornado warning. 130
Elk Grove Village, IL 4, Removed. One was replaced with an ACA P-50 [2] 130


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