ACA Cyclone

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The ACA Cyclone is an outdoor warning siren manufactured between 1968 and 2007 by Alerting Communicators of America. It is an omnidirectional, dual-tone siren originally intended for civil defense warning purposes.


The Cyclone was designed in 1968 by Jim Biersach. The first version, the Cyclone 120, used a 40-horsepower motor and produced a sound output of 120 dB at a distance of 100 ft.

In 1980, the Cyclone was redesigned and renamed the Cyclone 125. It received a new rotorstator assembly and a 50-horsepower motor, increasing the sound output to 125 dB at 100 feet (30 meters).

Technical information[edit]

Years Type Motor HP Rotor/Stator interval Notes
1968–1970 Cyclone 120 40 HP 8-12 port a stator with angled bottom-row ports
1970–1980 Cyclone 120 50 HP 8-12 port stator intake has large air valve beneath; active examples include Toluca, Illinois, and New Richmond, Minnesota
1980–2007 Cyclone 125 50 HP 8-12 port parallel stator enabled an five-fold increased the decibel rating over previous model