Worcester Blackfriars

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The Worcester Blackfriars belonged to the Dominican Order. It was founded in 1347 by William Beauchamp, Lord of Elmley.[1] The monastery contained a school of divinity.

In 1431, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Thomas Northfield, a Friar Preacher at Worcester, and for the seizure of his magical books.[1]

It continued its association with the Beauchamps through the 1400s, Sir John Beauchamp, K.G., baron of Powick was buried there in 1475, and his wife Margaret in 1487.[1]

The friary was dissolved in 1538.[2]

The site of the monastery in Worcester became a shopping centre in the 1960s, called Blackfriars. It was demolished and replaced by the Crowngate which opened in 1992.[3]

Excavations took place in 1985-6, which uncovered the cloisters and friary church. These were aligned with the Roman Road. The small finds were repackaged by volunteers in 2010.[4]


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