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{{cite journal |last1=Pokorný |first1=Jiří |last2=Pokorný |first2=Jan |last3=Kobilková |first3=Jitka |last4=Jandová |first4=Anna |last5=Vrba |first5=Jan |date=March 2014 |title=Cancer — pathological breakdown of coherent energy states |journal=Biophysical Reviews and Letters |doi=10.1142/S1793048013300077 |volume=09 |issue=1 |pages=115–133}}
  • Pokorný, Jiří; Pokorný, Jan; Kobilková, Jitka; Jandová, Anna; Vrba, Jan (March 2014). "Cancer — pathological breakdown of coherent energy states". Biophysical Reviews and Letters. 09 (1): 115–133. doi:10.1142/S1793048013300077.