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Example citation

{{cite report|author1=de la Torre, Augusto |author2=Didier, Tatiana |author3=Ize, Alain |author4=Lederman, Daniel |author5=Schmukler, Sergio L. |title= Latin America and the Rising South : Changing World, Changing Priorities|url=|publisher=World Bank|year=2015}} {{open access}}
  • de la Torre, Augusto; Didier, Tatiana; Ize, Alain; Lederman, Daniel; Schmukler, Sergio L. (2015). Latin America and the Rising South : Changing World, Changing Priorities (Report). World Bank. open access

Open Knowledge Repository[edit]

Many (but not all) of these publications available through the eLibrary are also open access and/or freely licensed via the Open Knowledge Repository (OKR); in line with both World Banks and the Wikipedia Library's commitment to Open Access, we recommend that editors cite the OKR when an open access version of eLibrary documents when available. When citing works in the eLibrary that are not available in an Open Access version, please make sure to note {{Subscription or libraries}} .