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Series are occasional groups of articles that run in The Signpost, often as independent or integrated columns. They may focus on individual events (for example, Wikimania coverage or Pending changes trial, or on an individual topic area (for example Tutorials and Dispatches). Today these articles are usually been joined together through the use of the {{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Series}} template. This page presents a partial catalog—for the full list (and some other things besides) see here.

Historical series[edit]

{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/January 2006 ArbCom election}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Wikimania 2006}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/December 2006 ArbCom election}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/2007 Board election}}
  • Interwiki Report (July 2007—Sept 2007)
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Interwiki Report}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/ArbCom list 2008}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/2009 licensing}}
  • Books (March 2009—June 2011)
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Books}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Pending changes}}
  • What is?: Technical reports (March 2011—April 2012)
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/What is}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Movement roles}}

Ongoing series[edit]

{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Admin series}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Paid editing}}
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Hoaxes}}