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This page is for bringing attention to usernames which may be in violation of Wikipedia's username policy. Before listing a username here, consider if it should be more appropriately reported elsewhere, or if it needs to be reported at all:

Do NOT post here if:

  • the user in question has made no recent edits.
  • you wish to have the block of a user reviewed. Instead, discuss the block with the blocking administrator (see also Wikipedia:Blocking policy#Unblocking).

Before adding a name here you MUST ensure that the user in question:

  • has been warned about their username (with e.g. {{subst:uw-username}}) and has been allowed time to address the concern on their user talk page.
  • has disagreed with the concern, refused to change their username and/or continued to edit without replying to the warning.
  • is not already blocked.

If, after having followed all the steps above, you still believe the username violates Wikipedia's username policy, you may list it here with an explanation of which part of the username policy you think has been violated. After posting, please alert the user of the discussion (with e.g. {{subst:UsernameDiscussion}}). You may also invite others who have expressed concern about the username to comment on the discussion by use of this template.

Add new requests below, using the syntax {{subst:rfcn1|username|2=reason ~~~~}}.

Tools: Special:ListUsers, Special:BlockList


Please remember that this is not a vote, rather, it is a place where editors can come when they are unsure what to do with a username, and to get outside opinions (hence it's named "requests for comment"). There are no set time limits to the period of discussion.

Place your report below this line. Please put new reports on the top of the list.


.edu.edits (talk · contribs)

According to, EduEdits is "a user based community which edits Wikipedia articles related to Educational Institutions all over the world". The account is a declared alternative account of Shamsheer22 (talk · contribs · count). In response to a username report, I asked .edu.edits about the nature of the account, and they responded that it was not shared between different users: "The page works by either taking the editing projects individually or after being messaged by the institution or the student bodies. The admin (me) only edits the page as addressed." Considering that the account represents a Wikipedia initiative, but is controlled by one person, is the username .edu.edits permissible? — Newslinger talk 08:33, 19 June 2020 (UTC)
  •  Comment: This one is interesting. My initial thought, without having the benefit of further opinions, is this is a “shared account” and not that of an individual, although I think it has some utility. I’m trying, but cannot see how it is that much different in setup to a shared organizational account, i.e. where one person has login credentials, but the edits are on behalf of the group. The University of London is a good example, as that organization has many associated (yet individual) colleges under. If, for example, they created a “Univ of London edits” account with one owner editing articles associated with the university on behalf of individuals at individual colleges, it’d likely be blocked and/or strongly warned around COI and PAID. I’d definitely like to see other opinions on this., N.J.A. | talk 11:42, 20 June 2020 (UTC)
  •  Comment: Hi, I do not edit on behalf of someone. I edit the page myself if it lacks essential resources/data like citations/rankings or admission criteria or has some notices on its quality/authenticity or if it has some disambiguating links. For example, if I have created an infobox or have added an extra heading/image, its not because I have received an order sort of thing from individuals from the university. Its because it is important or I feel that the wiki article should contain that element. The only contact that takes place between me and the university is after I have planned the edits and I need to confirm whether information (like images/captions) I am providing is correct or not or if there is misunderstanding about the campus details about which I can't find a proof online. All the info provided is from the research conducted online and all the citations resources are found/decided by me. All this done with a motto of improving the page quality. — Preceding unsigned comment added by .edu.edits (talkcontribs) 19:16, 21 June 2020 (UTC)
Thanks for the clarification. I wouldn’t mind hearing a bit on your process of review of information by the university. Do you have, or will you establish contacts and liaise directly with them? If so, who (i.e. which department(s), e.g. their external relations team, etc.?) Also, will they understand that the level of advance review and feedback from them is solely limited to corrections of facts, e.g. you caption that the mascot is a tiger when in fact it’s a poodle; or are matters of opinion open to their review? If the latter, and parking conflicts of interests concerns for now, what if your proposed detail is of a more sensitive nature? How would you handle an extreme example where you e.g. report / caption a relevant figure or photo with a statistic about on-campus crime (citing your reliable sources), and they come back and argue otherwise, perhaps with their own sources, which may be self-published or otherwise not reliable? What if they also get their legal involved, who may send you a cease and desist, or perhaps go even further and seek an order to prevent you (i.e. an injunction) so you cannot cite your sourced caption? Not saying this is highly likely, but if for some reason your edits did touch on a potentially sensitive subject for them there’s a chance of this and also there’s a reasonable argument you’d be more careful in your editing due to the risk, hence the potential conflict concern. Yes, this is all admittedly the lawyer in me, but it’s possible, and unlike the usual situation on Wikipedia, since you have some type of relationship or contact directly with them, and since you will provide them advance sight of information, they then can take steps they usually would be unable to that affect you personally. Saying all this, I’m more confident now that we do not have a username policy issue, though there remain concerns on conflicts and other risks mentioned here, which may simply be a note / FYI, which I’ve possibly blown out of proportion, sorry ;) N.J.A. | talk 22:58, 21 June 2020 (UTC)
  •  Comment: - I don't see anything wrong with the username, but I admit that this case is interesting. There's nothing like it listed at WP:VALIDALT, but I don't see any evidence that this alternative account was created for malicious purposes. While the statement that Shamsheer22 is the "admin/founder" of the .edu.edits account could be interpreted that it is shared, it could also be interpreted that Shamsheer22 is being used for security purposes in case .edu.edits is compromised. - ZLEA T\C 21:51, 21 June 2020 (UTC)
  •  Comment: Thanks for acknowledging my comment. The interaction takes place mostly with the indipendent student bodies of universities for small details that I cannot figure as they can be addressed only by people present on campus. (For example, while editing, I found no info about which hostel blocks and what facilities are allotted to postgrads and PhD students.) So, I had to contact the student body in order to confirm the same issue and yes I do address them with a brief intro of what I am doing and make them aware how wrong statements can affect the policy and relations with university. Regarding the sensitive issues, I usually rely on the articles published by the national/state news sources which contain the statement of an individual related to that sensitive issue and not student blogs. In future if I am unable to find such source, I will avoid adding such incident to the wiki page. I also ask the bodies to review the article once its done so that they can spot out any mistake. Again I would like to emphasize on the fact that the sole purpose is to improve the quality of wiki page, make new sub pages that assist the topics mentioned in main article and add wiktionary references related to university system and alumni. Please suggest me what changes should I make EduEdits page description so as to avoid misinterpretation. - .edu.edits | talk 11:50, 22 June 2020 (UTC)
    I think the best way to reconcile the .edu.edits username with the username policy is to make it completely clear that the account is solely operated by you as a person. (WP:ISU states: "Usernames that are simply names of companies or groups are not permitted".) The recommended way to to do this is to rename the account to something that represents you as a person (e.g. Shamsheer22 at .edu.edits) and not EduEdits as a community (i.e. .edu.edits). If you want to continue using the .edu.edits username as it is currently, .edu.edits would have to represent you as a person, which means that you would no longer be able to describe it as a community or other type of group on your user page or elsewhere. — Newslinger talk 09:20, 22 June 2020 (UTC)
  •  Comment: Thanks for the suggestion but I dont want to include my name in the title. Can I rename it to "The Univ. Editor", "Editor @ EduEdits" or "Univ.Bot"? .edu.edits | talk 11:50, 22 June 2020 (UTC)
    Why bot? Bot names are prohibited but I am curious why you would pick that. —DIYeditor (talk) 03:13, 23 June 2020 (UTC)
  •  Comment: I wasn't aware of that. What about the other two? - .edu.edits | talk 11:50, 22 June 2020 (UTC)
    Both The Univ. Editor and Editor @ EduEdits look good to me. Wikipedia:Changing username has instructions for next steps, and we can close out this discussion as soon as you switch to your preferred name. — Newslinger talk 04:37, 23 June 2020 (UTC)
  •  Comment: Hi, please note the following edits are made on the user page to indicate that it identifies me as the only user and not a community:

1. Changed word "Admin" to "Editor" (just to be clear)
2. Removed all the sentences that mentioned the page as community and rephrased them
3. Added details about the user
4. Made the aim of the user clear. As it is said that there is no problem with this username, I would like to keep it as it is and not to go for the names mentioned in previous comment as process of changing username is bit lengthy.
Please provide your feedback. - EduEdits | talk | 23:11, 23 June 2020 (UTC)

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