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Terminology (business)[edit]


  • Affinity Federal Credit UnionCredit union headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Notable for providing banking services for AT&T Employees.
  • Central States Pension Fund (often shortened to Central States). Though about twenty articles mention the fund and the scandal which surrounded it in the 1970s, there is no article on the fund or the scandal. Thirty-seven articles, as of 7 May 2016, include the phrase "Central States Pension Fund", and it is in the headlines,[1] but there is no article.

While researching & writing "Eye" (the software product) I encountered Google hits for "EYE" (Baader's hardware-based product); both involve using cameras for classifications

  • "Eye" for fingerprint authentication
  • "EYE" for filtering out damaged chicken wings, bruises, other unfavorable situations.


It uses a pair of cameras to inspect both the back and the front of each bird,[3] detecting:

  • bruises
  • flaws in the skin of the bird
  • wings that are broken
  • other conditions that will affect marketability (depending on options added to the basic system)



Economic policy[edit]

Economic problems[edit]

Economic theory and history[edit]




Terminology (economics)[edit]




Is this simply a different name for the Social Credit concept?


Defines the requirements for membership of state-chartered banks in the Federal Reserve System; sets limitations on certain investments and requirements for certain types of loans; describes rules pertaining to securities-related activities; establishes the minimum ratios of capital to assets that banks must maintain and procedures for prompt corrective action when banks are not adequately capitalized; prescribes real estate lending and appraisal standards; sets out requirements concerning bank security procedures, suspicious-activity reports, and compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act; and establishes rules governing banks' ownership or control of financial subsidiaries; [211]



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