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Furniture design[edit]


(a.k.a. glass stand and cup rack. not confuse Podstakannik.)

Graphic design[edit]



  • Zeyad Salah - Visual Effect and Creative Director [50]
  • Jonny Jimison - Artist, author, board game illustrator. Wrote and illustrated The Dragon Lord Saga volumes one and two. Getting Ethan and Rabbit Trails comics. [51] [52] [53]


  • AREAWARE - - Founded by Noel Wiggins and Lisa Yashon in 2005, Areaware is a housewares and collectibles design retailer that provides contemporary artists with manufacturing and production expertise to bring their ideas to market. The origins of the company date back to the late 1980s where Wiggins and Yashon founded popular collectibles companies Harmonyball[1] and Harmony Kingdom[2]. They have supported many artists and designers in the field of industrial design such as Harry Allen, Tobi Wong, Jonas Damon, and Susan Kare. Notable products include Tobias Wong's ON/OFF Switch [3], the first US distribution of Strida Folding Bikes [4], David Week's Cubebots [5], Harry Allen's Reality Series of cast objects [6], and repurposing Susan Kare's user-interface graphics into textile designs [7]
  • Graphic Designo - international design firm; based in India; winner of 2013 top design firm in Delhi;
  • Marushka - Michigan-based producer of affordable silk screen graphic prints that came stretched, framed and ready to be hung on the wall; popular in the 1970s and 1980s; [54]
  • Pop Chart Lab - Brooklyn-born design studio transforming pop culture data into an array of infinitely-detailed charts that appeal to the culture junkie (and home decor obsessed) in all of us; [55]; [56]; [57]; [58] [59]
  • The Next Hint - - Founded by Digital Jitender Sharma in 2018, The Next Hint is a news website created to provide the latest news from all over the world ASAP to keep the generation NEXT updated with the attention span lower than that of a fish.
  • Raffles Design International - - Raffles Design International is a subsidiary of Raffles Education Corporation Limited. Establishing its first college in 1990 at Singapore, it has grown to be the largest private education group with 22 colleges in 20 cities across 12 countries across Asia-Pacific and Europe. Its current board members & directors are Doris Chung Gim Lian, John Rick Tham, Kai How Ong, Nissar Mohammad and Lorraine Cecelia Esteves.

Metal crafts[edit]



Contemporary design[edit]


  • Tord Björklund - Swedish designer
  • Georges Glaenzer - interior designer; [73]; designed Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site
  • Colum McCartan - Irish furniture and lighting designer; trained in furniture and interior design at the Belfast College of Art and Design; after college, founded his first design company in Northern Ireland, focusing on interiors for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and bars; in 1993, joined Sir Terence Conran's Design Partnership in London working on a diverse range of projects from the Conran Restaurants to cruise ship interiors; later, while still in London, became a founding member of United Designers (a breakaway group from Conran), focusing on interiors for an international clientele; in 1995, moved to San Francisco; by 1998, had established a reputation for creative and innovative work with the completion of the Hotel Metropolis (San Francisco) and the Le Parker Meridien (New York City); in 2003, opened an office in New York City; in recent years, has completed the new 'Avia' collection and the Hotel Eventi (NYC); after 53 hotels, has become one of the leading designers of boutique lifestyle hotels in the U.S.;
  • Poul M. Volthere - Danish furniture and lighting designer; [74]; [75]
  • Jan Barič - Slovenian designer known for award winning designs such as H-chair and Solzica birdhouse; [76]


Set design[edit]




Film, radio and television[edit]

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Food, drink, and nutrition[edit]





(companies, restaurants, bars, websites, etc.)

A–B (and 0–9)[edit]

[, [248], [249]


Other (non-people and non-organization)[edit]

comment at October 2016: same as smoked meat?

Internet and tech culture[edit]

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Media networks and organizations[edit]

([603] [604] [605])

  • CCN Markets (CCN Markets is a financial news site that reports on US markets and cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2013 as CryptoCoinsNews by Jonas Borchgrevink. We previously had a section on Wikipedia under CryptoCoinsNews but that seems to be gone. We have approx. 50 journalists and editors working for CCN Markets at Hawkfish AS is the Media Company of CCN Markets website.) ([606][607][608][609][610] [611][612][613][614])
  • CultureStrike -- (CultureStike is a national arts organization that aims to change the art of politics, and the politics of art-making. CultureStrike focuses on art and immigrant activism. Founded in 2011, they have connected a network of over 200 socially engaged artists. Favianna Rodrigue zis the current Executive Director. CultureStrike has a wide scope of projects and is running an online magazine.) ([615][616])
  • Bedford Independent (Bedford Independent is an online news desk in Bedford, UK that is shaking up the status quo of local news provision. It was launched on social media in August 2018 and its website went live in November 2019. It has already gained a large readership and has been cited by national news desks when reporting on larger news stories in their patch. They are regulated by IMPRESS standards. Their Managing Editor appears on BBC Three Counties regularly to discuss general media industry matters and also news in the area.) ([617] [618] [619] [620])
  • Lovin Malta - Lovin Malta is a popular content and news website in Malta that is part of the Lovin Group which also features Lovin Dublin, Lovin Dubai, Lovin Manchester and Lovin Saudi. Lovin Malta has won several journalism awards and also won an award for Best Social Media Campaign of 2017 for an April Fools' prank where it set up a political party. [621] [622] [623]
  • GRVTY Media (GRVTY Media is a digital media company founded in 2014 and based in Singapore. They currently run six online editorials - Vulcan Post, Millennials of Singapore, Millennials of Kuala Lumpur, The Playbook, Discover SG and Discover KL. Their aim is to produce different and unique contents related to millennials. Using different social platforms, GRVTY Media shares the voices of millennials in Asia and thought-provoking content.) ([624] [625] [626])
  • StoryCenter (StoryCenter is the first organization to work in digital storytelling, and continues to work in digital storytelling with thousands of people per year.)([627] [628] [629] [630] [631])
  • The Spoon (The Spoon is one of the leading B2B publications focused on food tech and food innovation. It was the first to report on stories such as Impossible Foods working on steak and the launch of the Thermomix TM6. The publication gets over 300 thousand visits a month and ranks in the top 100k sites worldwide as measured by Alexa. It is led by Michael Wolf, former VP of research who started the research group for seminal early tech blog The publication also puts on an annual event called Smart Kitchen Summit, a leading food tech event in Seattle that attracts over 600 executives each year and has been covered by the New York Times. The Spoon [632] [633] [634] [635] [636]
  • List of state media - like PBS, VoA (USA), CCTV, CGTN (China), and others. I got this idea after watching several channels in Youtube was tagged with disclosure that so-and-so channels are funded by so-and-so government, with a link to Wikipedia.
  • The Grayzone - a news website. Now redirects to Max Blumenthal


  • Rereloluwaayodele - Rereloluwa Ayodele is a Nigerian Blogger, writer, content developer and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of His blog was nominated for the award of the STUDENT BLOG OF THE YEAR in the University of Ibadan Premier Awards. [637]
  • Amrit Sandhu - Amrit Sandhu is the founder of the Mandala Moments Movement orginating in Melbourne Australia. Amrit Sandhu is also the founder and host of the Inspired Evolution Podcast. Lifestyle Philosopher. [12]
  • Alborz Fallah - Alborz Fallah is the founder and editor of Based in Brisbane, Australia, he is also the entrepreneur in residence at the University of Queensland and a regular speaker at Entrepreneurial events in Australia having sold his business to Nine_Entertainment_Co. for $35 million in September 2016 [638] [639] [640] [641] [642] [643]
  • George Howell - George Howell is a journalist & news anchor for CNN. Based at the network's headquarters in Atlanta, he anchors 'CNN Newsroom' Friday through Sunday, reaching viewers on both CNNI and CNN/US. Howell previously served as a national correspondent for CNN in the network's Chicago bureau. [644]
  • Julie Halpert - well-known and prolific journalist.
  • Seth Kugel - Seth Kugel is a journalist and the former Frugal Traveler columnist for The New York Times. In 2018 W.W.Norton and Company will publish his book on travel. He is the host of the Brazilian YouTube channel Amigo Gringo. [645]
  • Heidi Przybyla - HEIDI is USA TODAY's SR. Political Reporter and an MSNBC political analyst. She is a frequent guest on several programs including "Morning Joe," "Hardball with Chris Matthews," and "The 11th Hour with Brian Williams." Most recently, she covered Hillary Clinton's campaign. Several Wiki imitation and entertainment sites have penned inaccurate pieces speculating on her personal life, including this: [646]
  • Angelo Carusone - Angelo is the President of Media Matters. Before joining, he organized the successful Twitter based StopBeck effort. He holds a B.A. in American Studies from Fordham University and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin. [647]
  • Alasdair Clark - Clark is a Scottish political and current affairs journalist who reports on Scottish and UK politics, including Brexit for CommonSpace
  • Edward B. Kurpis - co-founder of cable television network CNBC, author and financial architect of its founding business plan; Founding Vice President of Finance and Administration for NBC's Cable and Business Development division; former member of the Board of Directors of A&E network, Court TV network (now TruTV); NBC-Cablevision Executive Partnership Board governing operations of American Movie Classics, Bravo, and 10 regional sports networks. [648]
  • Andrew M. Seaman - Ethics Committee Chairperson, Society of Professional Journalists; Senior Medical Journalist, Reuters; [649]
  • Tham Khai Meng - worldwide creative director, Ogilvy & Mather; first Asian to hold this type of position in the advertising industry; successor to Neil French; [650]
  • Larry Heath Founder and Director of Heath Media, parent company of The AU Review, Hello Asia!, The Iris and the National Live Music Awards. Journalist. Music Video Director. [651] [652] [653] [654] [655]



  • Addiction Worldwide ( - advertising and branding agency; offices in London and New York; clients include Comet, B&Q and HarperCollins; CEO Jeremy Rainbird
  • Advertising & Design Club of Canada ( - its website states "non-profit, non-political group dedicated to encouraging excellence in Canadian advertising and design"; started in 1948; hosts annual awards program called Directions; there are about 18 WP articles (search with "and" and "&") that mention this organization or award, some with redlinks
  • African Mirror, a newsreel established in South Africa in 1913
  • Akilah Net ( - online news and career resource for young professionals in East Africa; affiliated with the Akilah Institute for Women (; featured in TechMoran ([670]) as an innovative tool for helping East Africans secure employment
  • American Ingenuity Awards ( An annual honor conferred by Smithsonian Magazine on distinguished scientists, scholars and artists in nine fields. Started in 2012. Featured in AdWeek and Washingtonian. [13] [14] The 2016 awards, held on December 8, received extra media coverage for including a letter from astronaut John Glenn, who died that day, to technology award winner Jeff Bezos, who created rocket company Blue Origin. [15] Numerous previous winners, including Caroline Hoxby[16] and John Rogers,[17] list the award on their Wikipedia pages.
  • The Beehive (Online Newspaper) (The Beehive is a non-profit online newspaper which gives voice to the youth. It offers an alternative view on topics including current affairs, political and ethical issues, science, and culture. It is based in [Manchester, UK] from which its name is derived. A Beehive represents the workforce, working together to achieve an aim. It offers opinion-based articles written by teenagers, offering a unique viewpoint.) (Sources: , , ).
  • ComeSeeTv ( - ComeSeeTv is a brand new concept in online paid streaming video content, free sharing and publicity! is three things internationally.First it is a video delivery platform that allows anyone to use it to stream video content and earn revenue for their commnunity, cause or organization. Next, it is a website that pulls all platform members to one place to increase the visibility of their content by creating individual channels for each member and promoting them for free! Third, ComeSeeTv is an agent for cultural and community development and unity across the Caribbean and globally. ComeSeeTv has been endeared as the Community Channel Tv of the Caribbean! The ComeSeeTv Mission: To foster socio-cultural and economic community development, create viable avenues for the youth and to empower women!) ([671][672][673][674][675][676][677])
  • Bliss & Hellfire ( - Portuguese online magazine; focuses on photography, equipment review and music photojournalism
  • Canal+ (Myanmese television operator): Formerly known as 4TV, it is a joint venture between Forever Group in Myanmar and Canal+ Group in France. 4TV became Canal+ in 2018.
  • CarAdvice ( - Australian automotive website covering the automotive industry, owned by Nine_Entertainment_Co.
  • Children's PressLine - youth media outlet
  • City Arts Magazine ( - 10-year-old Seattle arts and culture magazine; focuses on music, theatre and visual arts and the artists who create it in the Seattle area
  • Creamer Media (Creamer Media Proprietary Limited) ( - media-production company; publishes Engineering News (Creamer Media) ( and Mining Weekly; produces Research Channel Africa ( and (
  • Crestron ( - With over 40 years in business and 57 offices worldwide, Crestron Electronics is a global player of control and automation systems for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and more. Crestron provides technology lifestyle. "No matter where you are, or what you do, with Crestron you're always connected."
  • DC Statesman ([[678]]) A Far Right Conservative political website offering clickbait headlines to opinion pieces purported to be news articles. They offer the tagline, "We seek to be a disruptive force in the news industry" and also claim to be "one of the fastest growing conservative news sites in the United States." They have associations with; The Lifelong Conservative email list, Mustard Seed Interactive, Prosper, Kurt Luidhardt, Prosper’s co-founder and vice president and his wife Kristen Luidhardt, Prosper’s president and Mustard Seed’s president. Mustard Seed is a Prosper client, Kurt Luidhardt said. Incorporation records show that the firm is headquartered in the same suite of the same Greenwood, Indiana, building as Prosper. according to: (Lachlan Markay 07.05.17 <>)
  • Deadheadland ( Deadheadland is a website and social media channel for Deadheads, Jamband Music, and Music Festival Fans; Grateful Dead Fan Site and Setlist Blog
  • [[C-Town Chatter magazine]] C-Town Chatter is a Lifestyle Online Magazine that reports Political, Entertainment and Celebrity, Business, Technology, and Health news. Their main target audience is located in the Arab world, however, they do have readership from the U.S., Europe, and South Africa. Based in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the magazine is planning to expand drastically in the Middle East to be able to live cover the news of the region. Since their establishment in 2018, they have garnered around, at press time, 19.1K followers on their official page on Instagram, 28K followers on their official page on Facebook, and around 300k clicks per month to their website. Recently launching their weekly podcast, they have managed to garner around 20k followers on Apple Podcasts, and they are considered to be among the few magazines to have their podcast in the Middle East. Their News Flash Briefing on Alexa Store is also available for download. C-Town Chatter has a lot of advertorial content from both international and national brands; such as Starbucks, LG, Netflix, Ora Developments, Emirates Airlines, and Spotify where they do have their own Verified Account.
  • Deadicated Fans ( - website for fans with an obsession for movies, television, games
  • DeDe Leads - Access exclusive Web Design, WordPress Development, SEO, Content Writing and Data Entry Leads Completely Free. [679]
  • Defend, Defy, Defeat. Evil Stops Here ( - non-profit blog about saving and protecting the innocent
* EIN News ( - Internet news aggregation; precursor to Google News; first Internet news aggregator of English news from China ([680]); conflict with Russia over use of the name "Russia" in web URL ([681])
  • EverydayAfrica ( - group of photographers in Africa share snippets of ordinary life on an Instagram feed called Everyday Africa
  • EverydayMumbai (; [682]; [683]; [684]; visual chronicle of Mumbai; attempts at exploring the social landscape and daily lives of people of Mumbai
  • ( - online community for reading and writing young-adult fiction; references: Lewis, Jacob. "Teenage Thumb Tribes: Why Cell Phone Novels Are Part of Publishing's Future". Publishing Perspectives 1 June 2010 ([685]), Koblin, John. "The Great American Text". The New York Observer ([686])
  • GBTimes ( - Finland-based web newspaper whose goal is to be "a bridge between China and the rest of the world" and "first and best contact in Europe for cross-cultural communications with China". Wikipedia search for "gbtimes" brings up Global Times, which is a Chinese government newspaper; it seems important to know whether they are connected.
  • GoLocalProv ( - Local Rhode Island On-Line News Magazine
  • Hashtag Basketball ( - A website covering the NBA, WNBA, and fantasy basketball with news, content, tools, and analysis.
  • Heath Media Media and Events company in Australia. Founded and runs websites The AU Review (, The Iris ( and Hello Asia! (, plus events the National Live Music Awards (, Captured Australia and the Courtyard Sessions. [687]]
  • Helix Studios (Pornography) (Helix Studios is a gay erotica studio.
  • Icepeople (Icepeople is the world's northernmost alternative newspaper, based in Longyearbyen, Norway, about 750 miles from the North Pole. Founded in 2009, it is the only alternative weekly outside North America that is a full member of the Association of Alternative News Media.) ( and the newspaper is cited as a reliable source on numerous Wikipedia pages.)
  • Islam Jamaica ( - the first and only Islamic media brand in Jamaica, reporting on current affairs, issues and events coming out of the local Muslim population.
  • ( - award-winning community website about the Jane and Finch neighborhood of Toronto, Canada; [688]; [689]
  • JioCinema ( - JioCinema is an Indian OTT streaming service owned by Jio, subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. Launched on 5th Sep 2016, JioCinema offers movies, tv shows, web series, music video, and clips. ; [690]; [691];

[692] [693]





National or ethnic cultures[edit]



Performing arts[edit]

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Print media[edit]

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Games and toys[edit]



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