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My Linear A & B Blog

The Linear A eBook I published in 2011. Very dry technical reference, but hopefully will become useful as a cross-reference as it evolves. Includes facsimiles of many of the clay tablets from Hagia Triada.

The Linear B data project I'm working on.

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wikipedia: english version, mostly updating articles that need it while doing archaealogy or linguistics research.

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dead and ancient languages interest me

modern languages: english, russian, spanish (all in moderation)

A pithos is a large clay jar. Like so.

A polythyra is a pier-and-door partition. Like so.

Reading to date[edit]

Ancient History[edit]

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Ancient Egypt & Egyptian[edit]

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Greece & Greek[edit]

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Linear A[edit]

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Linear B[edit]

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Minoan & Mycenaean Art, Archaeology & History[edit]


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Kato Zakros[edit]

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Pattern Recognition[edit]

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Pirahã language and anthropology[edit]

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Roman Art, Archaeology & History[edit]

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Xenolinguistic Science Fiction (for fun)[edit]

To Read[edit]

Egyptian Art, Archaeology & History[edit]

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Minoan & Mycenaean Art, Archaeology, History & Philology[edit]

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Linear A[edit]

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