Tianyuan Cave

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Tianyuan Cave
Tianyuan Cave is located in China
Tianyuan Cave
Location in China
Coordinates39°39′28″N 115°52′17″E / 39.65778°N 115.87139°E / 39.65778; 115.87139
Founded42,000 BP
Abandoned39,000 BP
PeriodsPaleolithic China

Tianyuan Cave (simplified Chinese: 田园洞; traditional Chinese: 田園洞; pinyin: Tiányuán Dòng) is near Beijing, where Tianyuan man, one of the earliest modern humans, was found.[1][2]

The remains in the Tianyuan Cave have ancestral relations "to many present-day Asians and Native Americans".[3][4][5][6][7]

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