Thomas Bowman Stephenson

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Thomas Bowman Stephenson
Born22 December 1839
Died6 July 1912
OccupationMethodist minister

Thomas Bowman Stephenson ( 22 December 1839 – 6 July 1912) was a Methodist minister.

He founded what was to become the National Children's Home in 1869.[1] He later founded the Wesleyan Deaconesses in 1890.[2] In 1891 he was elected President of the Methodist Conference.[3] He was a member of the London School Board. From 1902 to 1907 he was warden of the Methodist Deaconess Training College at Ilkley, West Yorkshire.[4]

He retired in 1907 and died in London on 6 July 1912. He is buried in City of London Cemetery.[5]


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