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Language codes
ISO 639-3

Stavangersk, Stavanger dialect or Stavanger Norwegian (Norwegian: Stavangersk, Stavanger-dialekt (Bokmål) or Stavangerdialekt (Nynorsk)) is a dialect of Norwegian used in Stavanger.

The pronunciation and origin resembles that of the written Nynorsk, yet the official written language of the Stavanger municipality is Bokmål.



  • /n, t, d, l/ are alveolar [n, t, d, l].[1]
  • As in Bergen and Oslo, younger speakers of the Stavanger dialect tend to merge /ç/ with /ʃ/.[2]
  • /r/ is realized as a voiced uvular continuant, either a fricative [ʁ] or an approximant [ʁ̞]. It can be voiceless [χ] before a voiceless consonant or a pause.[3]


  • Long ⟨o⟩ (phonetically []) and long ⟨u⟩ (phonetically [ʉː]) can be strongly diphthongized to, respectively, [əu] and [əʉ].[4]
  • Short ⟨o⟩ is near-close central [ʊ̈].[4]
  • Short ⟨u⟩ and long ⟨å⟩ are close-mid advanced back [, o̟ː].[4]
  • Short ⟨å⟩ is open-mid central [ɞ].[5]
  • Long ⟨a⟩ is back [ɑː].[5]
  • Short ⟨a⟩ has the quality of the cardinal vowel [a], which is the most anterior realization of this vowel in Norway.[5]
  • The diphthong ⟨ai⟩ has a front starting point [æi].[6]
Diphthong phonemes of
Starting point Ending point
Front Central
unrounded rounded rounded
Mid ei øy øʉ


Phonetic realization[edit]

Phonetically, the tonemes of the Stavanger dialect are the same as those of Central Standard Swedish; accent 1 is falling, whereas accent 2 is double falling.[8][9]


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