Rovina mine

Coordinates: 46°05′N 22°51′E / 46.09°N 22.85°E / 46.09; 22.85
Rovina Gold Mine is located in Romania
Rovina Gold Mine
Rovina Gold Mine
Location in Romania
CountyHunedoara County
Coordinates46°05′N 22°51′E / 46.09°N 22.85°E / 46.09; 22.85
Productionapprox 59,500
Financial year2009
CompanyEurosun Mining
WebsiteESM website
Year of acquisition2005

Rovina mine is a proposed open pit mine in the west of Romania in Hunedoara County, 18 km north of Deva and 388 km north of the capital, Bucharest. Rovina is a large gold and copper deposit with estimated reserves of 4 million oz of gold and 244,000 tonnes of copper,[1] and the largest proposed copper-gold project in the EU.[2] The project is wholly owned by the Toronto-based company Eurosun Mining, (formerly named Carpathian Gold).[3]

The project would process 14.4 million tonnes of ore per annum over an open pit life of 19 years, yielding approximately 59,500 oz of gold and 13,375 tonnes of copper per year.[4]

In 2021, environmental groups announced that they had acquired land in the development area, which would likely make it impossible to develop the mine.[2]


The development area is forested and located near the Vulcan Mountain nature reserve. There has been some previous mining on the site. The project area covers 27,678 square km.[2]


Opposition to the Rovina project benefited from networks formed to resist development of the Roșia Montană Project, which led to widespread protests in 2013 and eventually halted that project as well.[2]


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