REK Bitola

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REK Bitola
CountryNorth Macedonia
LocationBitola, North Macedonia
Coordinates41°03′29″N 21°29′00″E / 41.05806°N 21.48333°E / 41.05806; 21.48333Coordinates: 41°03′29″N 21°29′00″E / 41.05806°N 21.48333°E / 41.05806; 21.48333
Commission dateUnit 1: 1984
Unit 2: 1984
Unit 3: 1988
Power generation
Units operational3
Nameplate capacity675 MW

Mining and Energy Combine Bitola (Macedonian: Рударско-енергетски комбинат Битола), abbr. MEC Bitola (РЕК Битола, REK Bitola) is an energy company in the city of Bitola, North Macedonia. Its main facility is located in the Novaci Municipality bordering Bitola.

MEC Bitola operates both:

The power plant is the primary source of electrical power in North Macedonia, providing for 70% of the country's electricity production. The plant, which was built from 1982 to 1988, generates around 4.34 million megawatt hours of electricity per year.[1] It is regulated by the Balkan Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Network (BERCEN).


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